Mini goals, Podcasts & yoga

Each week I set a new mini goal. It’s something that brings a little daily structure, is completely attainable but still takes effort. Last weeks mini goal was to hit my step goal every day. Which I did. 10 days in a row now boom!

A few months ago I reset my Garmin to adjust my daily goal based on current steps, instead of 10,000, which I was failing miserably at reaching. Mostly because I’d been so sick. Best decision ever.

This weeks goals are to keep the streak alive and adding some stretching, yoga, and/or foam roll every day. You guys!! This is so difficult for me. I love to keep moving, but my hips, legs & feet are so stiff. They are in desperate need of some love.

I had a killer physical therapy session yesterday & was quickly reminded how stiff my hips & quads are. Especially the left, surgery side. I foam rolled, stretched, walked a lot & did yoga. Freaking yoga! Like who am I?

A few things about yoga & SCB…it’s hard for me to be still & clear my mind for a session, I’m super picky about the instructor and I prefer to do it at home, on my own time. So if I look like a wet noodle flailing around, only Bam will see. Or not ha!

I found a fantastic yoga instructor on YouTube, Boho Beautiful. I adore Juliana’s calm voice. Her instructions are clear and videos are incredibly beautiful. I did the Perfect Yoga for everyone class yesterday. LOVED it!

Another thing I’ve gotten into lately are Podcasts. I’m currently digging The Skinny Confidential Him & Her. Oh my gosh I love listening to them while walking Bam or cleaning the house. They cover topics like relationships, natural supplements, entrepreneurship, travel and acupuncture <-{Lauryn was the main reason I tried it} Oh and you guys have to listen to episode 42 about their wedding last November. Dying.

The Healthy Gut with Rebecca Coomes is another fav. If you struggle with gut issues – especially SIBO, she offers tons of natural tips & covers tough topics. They get down to the nitty, gritty details. I feel Rebecca asks her guests all the right questions.

I just started listening to Revolution Health Radio with Chris Kresser yesterday. From what I gather, Chris is highly regarded in the Functional Medicine community. From reading his blog and listening to one episode, I can tell his approach to healing the gut aligns with the direction I’m heading. He is also my FM doctors trainer, which I recently found out!

His treatment plans focus on healing the gut with both natural & pharmaceutical medicine, starving gut bacteria, not the patient. I was overly discouraged on the Candida diet a year ago as it was too restrictive, so I appreciate his more attainable, yet effective approach much more.

Do you listen to Podcasts? If so, what are your favorite recommendations?

Random question, does anyone else struggle with having their head down too much while doing yoga? It gives me a little bit of a headache, will it get better with more practice?

Should Mini Goal Monday be a thing? Would you join in?

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