It feels so good to feel good

Last Friday I had a blood draw for an extensive wheat/gluten test. They sent a phlebotomist to our house, how crazy is that!? I had no idea that was a thing.

After I went to an acupuncture treatment. You guys, I am totally obsessed. So much that, I bought an acupressure mat, which has turned into a love/hate relationship just like the foam roller.

Anyway back to the treatment…I went in feeling good, and walked out feeling even better than I had in months. Months! So I scratched the stupid to do list and spent the rest of the day doing all the things I love. Best.decision.ever.

It was sunshine & blue skies, so I dropped the top, went to my favorite little coffee shop (Bright Coffee) for an almond milk latte with coconut sugar and took Bam to the beach. It was absolutely perfect.

We played for an hour and a half, which is quite a long time for an old blind dog. After I gave him a bath & bone and tucked him in for a nap. 4 hours later, dude was still out. I opened a bag of popcorn, his favorite, and he didn’t even lift his head ha. Beach day success!


The rest of the weekend felt like spring and all I wanted to do was play out in the sunshine. We took a drive along the coast, shopped a little and I walked a lot.

I’ve made a lot of changes that have contributed to feeling better lately. If you google gastroparesis, a bunch of really scary things will pop up. The most terrifying ones are those with feeding tubes and no cure or hope of getting better. I am determined to make it out of this against the odds. I’ve already gained 2 pounds back this month, after losing maybe 10 since November. I know for most, this is such a first world problem, but for me it’s a huge deal. After being at my lowest weight in December, being so sick I just moved from the bed to the couch, I remember telling Mike “I’m going to die from this.” And I kinda believed it.

So to say I am thankful to be heading in the right direction now, is a complete understatement.

But today, just one month later, I have SO much more hope. I’m able to eat more and move a lot, and have more good days than bad.

Walking is something I love to do, but even more so now because it helps with digestion tremendously. It’s a good thing my buddy is always up for a walk {or sniff if you’re Bam} around the ‘hood or beach.

I’d like to add some more cardio or strength training, but any kind of exertion makes me nauseous. It’s so weird, but I think about running back in the day, I felt like that a lot as well. I just assumed it was because I was pushing it too hard and/or eating foods I’m allergic to. Even though I had no idea I even had food allergies at the time ha!

I know things could change for the worse, but for now, I am so happy to have some good days, eat real food and be able to move.

Are you going through major life changes right now?

When was the last time life forced you to make changes?

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  1. Treasure each and every day J! This post made me smile and makes me feel hopeful for you…I love that you put the to-do list away…those silly things can wait…making memories on a gorgeous day….that cannot!! Keep smilin’ girl!

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