The magic of the unfollow button

I made this for you! It’s 3 chilled, fresh squeezed oranges. That’s it. Unless you’d like to add some Titos…in that case, you’re smarter than you look. 😉

Have a seat, relax. We’re going to have a chat about energy & how it affects others around you.

Every once in awhile I go through social media accounts I follow to clean it up. I unfollow accounts that  don’t inspire, bring me joy, happiness or make a positive impact on my life. While it may sound kinda dumb, but even something as small as an account you follow, has the power to infuse energy into your life. Both good & bad. Even if it’s just a tiny bit, it adds up over time.

Lately, I noticed I am suddenly hypersensitive to the energy around me. It’s like I can actually feel it, both positive and negative and it really affects me. Am I going crazy? Wait, maybe that’s why I love my dog so much? Ha!

It’s actually kinda a good thing, because most of it is in our control. A lot of times you can limit or cut out the bad energy through the magical power of the unfollow button. Of course if you have to live or work with someone, that is a different story. And if there’s someone who constantly drags you down….sucking every ounce of your good energy, it’s probably time to cut that dead ass weight out of your life and move on. Family included. Sounds harsh, but if you needed a little tough love this morning, here it is.

Though… may not want to take my advice, I lay on a sharp acupuncture mat for fun every day…..

When you get rid of all of those negative things holding you down, it creates more space for new, positive energy. Cool shit that inspires you, brings you happiness, joy and makes you laugh. Things that challenge you, your perspective & beliefs in a constructive way.

So think of it as adding quality, good for the soul energy into your life, not just what you’re deleting.

What makes you hit the unfollow button?

What are some of your favorite accounts to follow?

3 Comments on “The magic of the unfollow button

  1. In the process of getting rid of some dead ass weight!!! Feels amazing 😉

  2. I admire you for being aware of how all aspects of your life affect your health. You sound like an old woman! Many of us only reach this point when we were much older or some event happens to shake us up. My family had a tragic loss last year. We lost my beautiful brother suddenly and it made the rest of my life very clear. I quit my job ( I am fortunate to not have to work ) and helped my sister-in-law adjust to a new life without her husband. I now have more time to be with my loved ones, especially my husband. I too am quick to unfollow someone if their posts caused me any anxiety. I follow your social posts because I see you living your life the way that makes you and your husband and Bam happy. Keep doing that. You will have no regrets!

  3. What if you eat to follow and change the unfollow button can you start following again?

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