Weeding the garden


Hey hey! It’s been awhile since I last checked in. I’ve been back to work and really, there wasn’t anything to update y’all on. It took a few months of testing, but I finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan.

After months of sickness and testing, we finally have some answers. It is not at all what both my Functional Practitioner and I suspected. We both felt strongly it was SIBO. Like, we were shocked that test came back fine. Then she was shocked the extensive wheat & gluten test came back great. Me, not so much. I just knew it wasn’t wheat or gluten. LONG LIVE BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During the testing process, my body increasingly started to react to nearly every food I put into it. Except chicken and white rice. That has been my go – to meal on the worst of days. You’d prolly think I’d be sick of it, but it’s actually my favorite meal because it’s comforting.

Then we did a large intestine test. Probably one of the least glamorous things I’ve done in my whole little life.

However, it was worth it because it gave us the most insight on what’s going on with this broken gut:

  • Candida – colon and likely SIFO
  • Low beneficial strains in colon
  • High number of commensal bacteria
  • Possible hydrogen sulfide SIBO – we can’t prove it, but strongly believe it’s there.

Additional issues we are and will be addressing:

  • Sluggish liver
  • Low HcL
  • Food intolerances

I had the Candida diagnosis in November of 2014, at the same time I found out about my food allergies & intolerances. Back then it was a very mild case that I tried to get under control with a huge diet modification. Which for the record I will never do again. I didn’t try antimicrobials, which in hindsight, I should have. Then in April of 2016 I had gallbladder removal surgery and never fully recovered since.

Here is my theory on what I think happened:

I already had a mild yeast overgrowth, then had that traitor gallbladder removed. During surgery they pumped me full of antibiotics, which killed a lot of good gut bacteria. I never fully recovered, partly due to the yeast taking over even more. During this time I was taking probiotics, but I believe they may have been the wrong strain(s).

In September of 2016 I was still working with the IBS Treatment Center, and the doctor increased my probiotics. I was taking 100 billion a day which made me feel even worse. Gah I felt so unwell, with even more gut issues and struggled to make it through the day. My health was spiraling downward at a fast rate. That’s when I stopped working with the IBS TC and went Stanford.

In the beginning of November of 2016, I was on another round of antibiotics for a UTI, and the following week is when my health tanked. Even though I took a probiotic with the antibiotic, I think my gut was just too wrecked from everything else.

Treatment is a lot different this time around. You guys know I’ve been working with a new Functional Practitioner here in Monterey and I love her! She’s also my acupuncturist. Her approach is so refreshing. She explained that because I’ve been sick for so long, we are going to approach treatment like taking out a garden at the end of the season. Instead of dumping Round Up all over it, we’re going to pull weeds & plants one by one.

For someone who suffered greatly on the anti-Candida diet, and is still very sick, this is so refreshing. I feel so optimistic because our plan has baby steps that are broken down. We can deviate from it if something doesn’t work or whatever the case may be, but I have an outline of what lies ahead.

Before I get into how we’re treating my gut issues, please know that this plan & natural herbs are tailored to my specific needs. We did a lot of testing to figure out what works best, so if you have gut issues, please reach out to a Holistic/Chinese Medicine Functional Practitioner. Don’t follow the protocol some chick on the internet is doing.


  • First thing is to support the liver. I have a mysterious pressure/slight pain just under my right rib where the gallbladder was. At first I could literally feel it expand when I ate any amount of fat, but now it comes and goes. No one can identify what it is or where it’s coming from. So to be extra cautious, we are supporting the liver by taking Milk Thistle twice a day and taking Sunflower Lecithin with meals that have fat.
  • Continue HcL. I take this with meals that have protein and it has been a huge game changer in aiding digestion.
  • Antimicrobials. There are two, but we are going to start with introducing 1 at a time. If I tolerate it well, we will add the second. When taken at the same time, they work better together.
  • 2-4 weeks after antimicrobials, rebuild beneficial gut bacteria with pre and probiotics.
  • We may use biofilm, but we’ll see how everything else goes first.

Last night I started the first antimicrobial using the “low and slow” method. Things went great, so I upped the dose a little this morning. In a few days I’ll introduce the second one and cross my fingers I don’t have a horrible die off reaction. I’ll update the blog as we go along.

Has anyone worked with a Functional or Holistic practitioner? Please share your experiences. 

Have you had or have Candida or gut issues? How did you treat it?

13 Comments on “Weeding the garden

  1. So very interesting! I do have gut issues, I haven’t got them figured out yet. Living in a more rural area, it is harder to find a good practitioner to help figure out what’s going on with me. Looking forward to read about your progress! Here’s to the best of health!

  2. So glad you finally have some answers! It must feel good knowing that you have a plan of attack and a practitioner that has your back!!! Sending you positive, healing vibes!!!!

  3. This slow and steady approach seems like a good idea to me. (I wondered where you were going with the ‘Weeding the Garden’ post title!)
    I do not have gut issues but have helped my son navigate through the traditional medicinal path to help him with his digestive issues due to CF. To aid his overall health, the RD at his clinic emphasized a high-fat diet taken with enzymes. After trying this, he suffered from severe constipation, so he was prescribed a laxative. He immediately went off of the diet and the enzymes. He is able to control his issues with diet but will still see flareups from time to time. Thank you for sharing your insight and experiences.

    • Wow, I’m so happy your son was able to figure out what works best for him. You’re doing a fantastic job supporting him! He’s a lucky guy.

    • Oh my gosh yes. While diet does play a role in treatment, I fully believe it shouldn’t be the only plan of attack.

  4. I worked with an integrative medicine physician and team in Minnesota. I had awesome results with some diet changes and mostly mind-body techniques. Check out his book ‘Trust your Gut’.

  5. Hey!
    Everything you are describing- the ups and downs and pitfalls of the various doctors and methods you’ve tried- was talked about at great length in a book I just read that you should check out!
    It’scalled Medical Medium. He talks about why digestive issues are so often misdiagnosed and how to heal. Sounds like it might partner well with your functional doctor.
    I agree about forgoing radical diet changes ( he talks about the failures of the candida diet! But check out his results with Celery Juice 😊

    • It’s so crazy you mention this because that is exactly what I’m doing right now! I have both books and they are so informative & encouraging. To heal, I’m currently using part my Functional Practitioner, part protocols from Medical Medium. Not sure how accurate the books are, but they make sense, so I figured why not give it a try. Thanks for the comment lady!

      • That is so cool you had both books already!!!😎LOL
        All I have is a Nutribullet- so although I think celery juice from Whole Foods is tasty, I tried drinking a glass full of celery purée from the bullet LOL which was kind of hard to get down and I don’t think I will be trying again.
        But I felt great afterwards!
        I need to get an actual juicer!
        Are you feeling better??

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