Virtual coffee date {decaf edition}

How about a virtual coffee date on this fine Thursday morning?

  • How often do you go through your social media accounts and unfollow ones that no longer suit you? A few weeks ago I went through my profile and unfollowed accounts.  It’s something I do every few months or so. I’ve been feeling really withdrawn lately, and decided that I only want to see things that are uplifting, inspiring or bring some sort of enjoyment to my life. Then it opens myself up to finding new accounts to follow.

  • I switched to decaf coffee. It’s true. For the last few months I had terrible anxiety. It’s something I deal with on a regular basis, but this was increasing and out of control for seemingly no reason at all. Like, I’d get incredibly anxious/panic feeling on my way to work every single morning. I LOVE my job & often feel very excited to go to work, so it was really confusing. Then my Functional Practitioner offered two very wise suggestions: 1) Think about going off coffee (maybe that’s common knowledge ha!) but the other thing she said stuck with me. 2) Sometimes the body misinterprets excitement for stress. Ah-ha! That was so eye opening. Things just clicked when she mentioned that. My anxiety got a little better, but still was a nearly daily struggle. So one day I switched from 2 full caf shots of espresso to decaf cold turkey, and my anxiety completely went away. Problem solved. On to the next one!

  • Going back to work early this season has been so healing for me. When I was so sick in December, I thought work was going to impossible, but thankfully it has been quite the opposite. I know a lot of folks who are unhappy with their jobs right now don’t get this sort of thing, but my job is something I am so, so thankful for. Plus it’s totally fun and let’s be real, it’s the best job I’ve ever had in my life.
  • Sometimes we don’t push ourselves to do things we’d like to do, because we underestimate our abilities. I was recently talking to a woman who has a serious heart condition. She was struggling to take her dogs on a walk around the block due to shortness of breath, so she was having a friend do it. She explained that to her cardiologist in Stanford and he said “you can’t breathe because you think you can’t.” Shocked, but willing to give it a try, she started walking her dogs to the end of the block and back, increasing the distance every day. Guess what? She can now breathe. The mind-body connection is absolutely incredible!
  • We officially have our summer vacation planned! I am getting so excited about it!

What are you up to?

What kind of accounts are you drawn to on social media?

Is anyone planning a summer vacation?

One Comment on “Virtual coffee date {decaf edition}

  1. Love your post! I tend to follow lots of travel, craft, and diet accounts. I’m looking for easy but interesting vegan recipes to see if it helps with my arthritis. I also love travel posts to get ideas for upcoming trip ideas. And of course I follow anything Disney! I’m on Facebook but only follow a handful of people because I’m a bit technically challenged.

    My hubby and are are trying to settle on our summer trip. We have so many places we want to visit which makes picking a bit challenging. We are thinking about Great Britain with a stopover in Iceland, or Norway. We’d like to hike Hadrian Wall but not the entire length and then spend a few days driving around the countryside. Where are you guys heading this summer?

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