Welcome to Skinny Chick Blog!

My name is Jacqueline or just J.

I live in Monterey, CA with my husband Mike and Jack Russell, Bam.


I love pizza, racing, wearing yoga pants every day, not doing my hair, photography, beach days, cycling, coffee, running and my family.  In that order, but backwards.

Running is my passion, though my feet won’t allow it these days. But I still believe that race bling is the only acceptable form of wind chimes.

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Here you will read my ramblings about my love of torturing myself by training hard, coffee, adventures, and the extremes I go to stay outdoors as much as possible, since I’m convinced that I am solar powered.


I’m your middle of the pack runner, everyday chick who pours my heart into this little running passion of mine.  I also deal with injuries ( a lot lately) and other issues. I’m not superwoman (yet!) and may never become a marathoner, but I can relate to other runners who strive to be their best, reach for PR’s while still living life, dealing with life issues and drinking an obscene amount of coffee.

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I have been on the bench from running since 2014. I’ve battled and still in a fight with Sesamoiditis, Morton’s Neuroma and hip surgery. You may check out the “Injuries” page for the latest updates on progress.


Along with injuries, I was diagnosed with food allergies and intolerances in November of 2015. Life is truly a party these days! Cooking has never been a passion of mine, and if we’re being real, I despised it. Nowadays I’ve learned to embrace it, and dare I say actually kinda like it. Yes, miracles do happen folks! So while I am far from a gourmet chef, you will see an occasional recipe or link to my favorites around here from time to time.

I enjoy connecting with you guys, virtually & in real life, so feel free to email me at skinnychickblog@gmail.com

Check out this post about changes to SCB in 2014 and the future.

Blog rules:

I hate rules, I don’t even know why I’m making these up.  Oh yeah it’s for those people.

  • No crying. Crybabies will be banned and get the SCB beat down. Whatever that is.
  • If something offends you on the blog, please bring it to our attention so we can not care and laugh at you.

If you’re still not sick of SCB, you may check out Mike’s guest post here.

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  1. I’m so glad you found an outlet for creativity! I think you are going to have a lot of fun doing this. I can’t wait to see more. Love your Man, Mike.

  2. just found your blog and love it! you are gorgeous and seem very confident, which i admire.

  3. search of asics socks brought me to your sight. I have always trained with their brand and trying to do more research on best style for hard core training. thanks for your comments

    • Your right, it’s such a small world. We’re practically neighbors. Let me know if your up for running and/or cupcake adventures!

  4. Great to meet you!!! I love running and cupcakes too!!!

    Vegas is overrated(that is where I lived my first 18 years on this earth)! It is definitely worth going to once but there are so many other places that are so much better than Vegas!
    You definitely have to do a tri…especially since you run and cycle!! So much fun!!
    Zip-lining is amazing!! Totally recommend it!!

  5. A friend recommended your blog to me and I must say I love it. This sounds strange but I instantly connected with a lot of what you say and how you say it. Keep on running, blogging, and enjoying life and I plan on following you daily!!!

  6. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Are you doing the Mermaid Tri in Capitola this year?

  7. I’m so happy I found your blog! It’s so cute and creative and we have a lot in common: crushing PR’s, irritable tummys, coffee lovers, and yoga pant enthusiast’s 😉 (seriously it’s my wardrobe every day). Anyways can’t wait to read more from you!

  8. Great blog! Refreshing to read someone on my level! Usually people post PR’s of 3:10 for a marathon and I’m like…moving on this girl can’t relate:)

  9. This comment is pretty late in the game. But glad I found you!

  10. Dude. I LOVE your blog. I JUST found your blog. Because you found my IG photo last night. I love meeting other people who have the same gift of sarcasm as me. We could seriously take people OUT! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Gwyneth Paltrow?

  11. Hi I just discovered your blog trying to find out people’s experiences with sesamoiditis. I was just diagnosed with having it in both feet (worse on my right) a few weeks ago. It is not fun! I am sidelined from my beloved elliptical machine indefinitely waiting for the feet to heal, as the ellipse motion puts too much pressure on the ball of the foot.
    I also had arthroscopic surgery for FAI hip impingement. I had surgery for both hips in 2015, staggered 7 weeks apart. I am wondering if it more than a coincidence that I also came down with sesamoiditis (which I have never had before now). I rehabbed my hips pretty seriously for the first 6 months post surgery, but I am wondering if there is some lingering muscle imbalance/instability related to the hips as well causing the sesamoiditis.
    Anyway, after reading your blog I went to Altra’s website and ordered a pair of Torin 2.5’s, 2 day shipping! I am hoping they do the trick, in addition to my resting and anti-inflammatory.
    Thanks for the great blog!

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