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Author Archives: jnn7575

First day of school and a loss in the family

I woke up to pictures of my beautiful Lu on her first day of 8th grade.  And my little diva in the making Blair bear. She’s starting pre-school.  I know it’s cliché but seriously, where does time go? I miss my family so much so it’s nice to be able to keep in touch through … Continue reading »

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All freaking smiles & giveaway winner

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that this pretty lady is one of my favorite IG friends ever.  She is so uplifting and inspiring I can’t even handle it.  She is currently training to run for 24 hours straight on a treadmill in San Francisco next month.  Yeah little miss … Continue reading »

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Change is inevitable, progress is a choice

Good Tuesday morning friends!  How’s your week so far? I’ve talked about my dislike for change, even when I know it’s a good thing, but I’m actually getting better with it.  We have moved 3 times within the last year and a half which is so, so crazy for me.  Growing up I only remember … Continue reading »

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Fall race’s and coupon codes

Good morning!  Or afternoon for my east coast readers.  I’m a little late posting today and my only excuse is…well I slept in.  And it was everything I thought it would be.  I guess all of the moving and exploring caught up with me. It’s a good thing that I am well rested, hydrated and … Continue reading »

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Just ask the locals

Mike came home last week really excited about the new sandwich shop his boss took him to, Ike’s Love & Sandwiches.  He even said something crazy: they rival our beloved Stacked in Grover Beach. I know. So I had to check it out. The best way to learn about gems like this is to ask … Continue reading »

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A new life lesson

Hi friends! I spent the day bumming around Monterey.  It was a gorgeous day to be at the beach. I learned a new life lesson-if we’re going to live by the beach, I need to keep a pair of flip flops with me at all times.  I am almost positive I took half of the … Continue reading »

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Heart And Sole 26.2 book review & giveaway

Who’s doing the Friday dance with me?  What are your plans for the weekend?  I have no idea what we’re up to, but I’m looking forward to bumming around with Mike and making fun of him.  I’m a peach. Let’s kick off the weekend with a book review and giveaway, shall we! And yes, I … Continue reading »

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Finding the new normal and visiting The Farm

One of the cool things about relocating is finding new running routes.  I see so much more on foot than I do driving around so it’s been fun exploring.  In the past I never drove anywhere to run, but this time I’m driving a bit to find my new favorite route.  Well with the exception … Continue reading »

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Scents that take you back

Good morning!  I hope you are having a wonderful, sunshiny week. Yesterday the sun came out, so naturally Bam & I had to soak it all in.  It doesn’t come out as much as we’re used to so we enjoy it when it does. I did actually do a little work too.  I love planning … Continue reading »

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I need your help & the best butterscotch cookie recipe ever

Um, so it’s August and I’m wearing hoodies & Uggs.  Pretty sure this is a first. This weather is going to take a lot of getting used to.  I am a sunny, summer girl so I expect this move to build…character and maybe round my corners as my dad would say.  But it’s perfect running … Continue reading »

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