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Here we go…surgery

Yesterday I got a call from my surgeons office to go over insurance stuff and turns out it makes more (financial) sense to have the surgery done this year. I asked if they had any openings and they said the only appointment was this Wednesday. Like a day and a half from then.

After thinking about it for a bit I decided just to go and get it over with rather than have it hang over my head. Plus Em told me recovering over Christmas was a great idea. She always knows what to say. :)

I spent the rest of the day doing laundry, getting as many things in order around the house, getting my shift covered at work for today, and stressing out about going under general anesthesia. Actually the recovery part is what I’m most nervous about. Remember my completely irrational fear of yacking? Please cross fingers they have some good stuff that prevents that. That, and the drive home from SF post surgery. It’s supposed to rain and my discharge time is smack in the middle of rush hour traffic. Lovely.

The good news is I will be running 3 weeks earlier than I anticipated and Mike is taking some time off work to be my slave take care of me. And I can stare at my Christmas tree all drugged up. That is shall be interesting. Ha!

Plus I already have some volunteers to come chill out on the couch, watch Christmas movies, eat popcorn & ice cream and get fat with me. ;)


So today will be all about getting my pre op stuff done, wrapping up loose ends, hopefully getting a pedi and trying really hard not to freak out. Can you believe I have never had surgery (do having my wisdom teeth out count?) or stitches? The fear of the unknown is quite terrifying.

Since I will have quite a bit of time on my hands, I’ll check in with you on here in a couple days. In the meantime, Mike will probably be making fun of me on Insta so maybe check there for updates if you are interested. Feel free to join him, it’s kinda how we deal with tough stuff ’round here.

Catch ya on the flip side.


What I’ve been up to + a couple Christmas gift ideas

Whew it’s been a hot minute since I harassed the interwebs. Here are some things that have kept me from blogging.

1. Work.

2. Enjoying impromptu time with friends.

2014-12-12 12.51.13

3. Working in a monsoon. That was A LOT of fun! Yes, I am a weirdo.


4. Parking my butt on the couch with Bam, staring at our Christmas tree.

2014-12-09 19.22.04

5. Trying to wrap my brain around the cost of a 70 minute hip surgery. Yikes is an understatement.

2014-12-14 10.42.18

6. Brunching at Clint Eastwoods Mission Ranch.

7. Searching for the perfect 2015 planner. So far I am digging this one.

8. Trying really hard to get into the Christmas spirit, which is really unlike me. This is my favorite holiday but I can’t seem to get into it. Maybe I need to put on the Michael Buble Christmas station on Pandora and bake some cookies?

9. Trying figure out Christmas gift ideas. This year we drew names and are doing stalking stuffers for everyone. Oh and doing a white elephant gift exchange on Christmas Eve-it’s kind of our family tradition. It makes shopping a lot more manageable and a lot less overwhelming.

Speaking of gift ideas, here are a few suggestions in case you’re like me and are at a loss for what to get.

2014-12-11 17.46.13

This CamelBak Forge travel mug. I freaking LOVE this thing. I fill it with coffee (duh) and take with me to work. It claims to keep beverages hot for over 4 hours, but lets be real, that will never be put to the test around here.


2014-12-11 17.32.36


Wild Madagascar Vanilla perfume from Bath + Body Works. I am not a huge fan of perfume, but this one smells amazing. If your friend or family member loves vanilla, I think it will definitely be a winner. Another long time fav of mine is Heavenly by Victorias Secret.

2014-12-11 17.37.08

Ulta Butter Balm is a perfect little something for those who love shiny, non sticky lipgloss with a punch of color. It was a random purchase while shopping on Black Friday. I went back for more.

Pro Compression is having their year end sale. Get 42% off with coupon code 2014 plus free US shipping on orders 20 buck or more.

I’ve been waiting for these little numbers to come back in my size for awhile now and was able to score them this morning. They also have a grab bag of 3 random pairs I ordered for stalking stuffers. Crossing my fingers shipping is super fast as usual so they are here in time.

And a runners favorite gift would be a new, spiffy pair of running kicks.  The gift of will last + be appreciated for a very long time.



You can never go wrong giving life experiences. This one is my favorite of all. I still look back on all the pictures we took and talk about our summer vacation in Vegas. Our time there was so memorable, I get really excited about going back.

Now it’s your turn to share you favorite gift ideas. Please do, I could really use ‘em.



On meeting celebs + high profile folks

It’s the never ending season since this girl has been working quite a bit lately. Well, for me at least. No complaints here at all. It still blows my mind they pay me to drive one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world to make folks from all over the world happy. Turns out when you drive a cart full of snacks and beer, you make a lot of friends. Who knew?


Here’s a dumb blonde J moment for ya…

I can talk to anyone. Often times celebs + high profile people come to play Pebble and approximately 99% of the time I have no clue who they are. Like zero. I can walk up to anyone and start a conversation. Well yesterday, I did just that and as I drove off, I realized she was one of my childhood favorite celebs. Yah, we had a full on conversation, she asked where I was from (that’s one of my routine questions) of course I asked her as well and should have pieced it together when she said LA.

Another blonde J moment happened awhile back when I was the personal attendant for Chris + his buddies. They were the kind of folks you would naturally gravitate to because they were so much fun. Just normal, down to earth guys cracking jokes and having a good ole time. Lot’s of high fives + knuckles for awesome shots, talks about family and life as if you just met a new friend.

At the turn one of Chris’ buddies asked me if I knew who he was. I said nonchalantly yeah, it’s Chris. Then he replied, Chris O’Donnell.

I was like cool, but still had no clue. Haha then someone finally explained his work and it clicked. Anyway we carried on per usual and finished the game. At the end I copped to my ignorance and it didn’t even phase him. He offered to snap a picture and insisted we do the Charlies Angles pose. Who am I to argue?

2014-04-26 18.31.33

It was one of my favorite days. Not because of his status, but because the whole group was genuinely fun to be around and I was happy to help them enjoy their time playing.

The one high profile person had me shaking in my boots and thinking to myself don’t throw up, don’t throw up was President George W. Bush. He walked right up to me after teeing off said “good morning darlin’ how are you?” Then shook my hand, looked at my name tag and said “Jacqueline, it’s nice to meet you.”

That was truly an experience of a lifetime. I can die now.

He was happy to snap a picture with me, but I promised Secret Service I wouldn’t post it online. I keep my word.

On the off chance I actually do recognize folks like President Bush, I very rarely ask to snap a pic with them. (Only after seeing others taking pics with him and with Secret Services’ blessings, I asked him) I pride myself in treating everyone the same and providing excellent service to make their experiences the best I can. I think for the most part these folks want to be treated like regular people and appreciate it. I know I would.

Have you ever met a celeb or high profile person? Who?

Anyone you would LOVE to meet?


Mizuno coupon code + how to get free coffee

I’ve been working on the golf course lately. Welcome to the never ending season. It’s a good thing I love my job so I don’t mind at all. After this month, I will be off until Pro Am in February so Bam + I will have plenty of time to snuggle on the couch, eat popcorn and watch Christmas movies.

Last week I met up with Heather at the gym to do some pool running. She is recovering from a running injury so the pool seems like our best option.

2014-12-05 17.10.38

Turns out it was a bad idea for this grandma hip. I might have lasted 15 minutes before I cried uncle and got out. I encouraged her to finish the workout and then we hung out in the extra warm pool. I might just go to the gym to alternate between hanging out in that pool and laying on the sun deck. That’s totally normal, right?

Heather told me about a pool yoga class the gym offers, so I might look into that. At this point there isn’t a whole lot I can do. I was banking on the pool thing to work out. Guess I’ll have to get creative and try some new classes and see how it goes.

In other news, I found a way to score a free, delicious cup of coffee. Just go to Sur La Table and ask them to make you one. It’s super scientific.

2014-11-28 10.51.01

Meet Joseph, my new best friend. Hey, if you make me coffee, I will be your best friend too.

While you’re there, pick up this apple bread. It is seriously amazing.

2014-11-30 17.54.22

I better get off the laptop and get ready. My to do list is OOC and Mike promised to take me Christmas tree shopping today. Wahoo!!

Before I go…..

Wanna be Mizuno twinners? I still rock these babies even though I can’t run right now in case you are wondering. :)

Score a pair or two or three for 10% off plus FREE shipping over $75 with coupon code MIZMERRY1 {promo code is case sensitive} Offer is valid until 12/12 so get your bad self over there STAT because they rarely offer coupon codes.

Sorry Bam, they don’t come in paw sizes.

2014-11-13 10.31.54

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day!

Any recommendations of workouts that don’t require a hip? Haha, things you never think you’ll say.

Does your Christmas tree have a theme? Does it change every year or is it the same? Please tell me all about it.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?


Surgery + Recovery

I have a busy day ahead, but I wanted to pop by to fill you in on a few more details I may have left out. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

Gosh you guys are so encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences + assuring me the outcome in most cases is great. I am doing my best to NOT Google anything about the surgery as it is in my Type A DNA to know everything. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, ya know.

I should have been a bit more clear on the diagnosis…because the front side of the hip bone is too long, causing impingement, the labrum is wrinkled (not torn…yet) and that has caused a tiny cyst to develop. This explains the burning pain I’ve been feeling.

Arthroscopic surgery is about 70 minutes and is outpatient. I am expected to rest that day and hopefully walk a little on it the following day. Each day I can do a little more, then build up to riding a stationary bike for 20 minutes per day within a week or 2.

The next step of progression will be walking on the treadmill at 4.0 mph for 20 minutes and if that goes well, running slow low mileage can start!

The timeline for running is about 3-6 months post surgery.

And then live happily ever after. Or until my other hip gives out.

The end.


Crappy genes

We made it to San Francisco yesterday and no one died. That is a miracle in itself between traffic and bipolar weather. We left sunny, blue skies in Monterey, went into the fog then rain then pouring rain then sunny skies. It was actually kinda cool.

We got there around lunch time and the parking next to my doctors office was full so Mike pulled into a parking garage as I read a sign “permit parking only, all others will be towed.” Too late, we had to take a ticket to get past the gate to turn around. When we finally found the exit, the automated machine asked to insert our prepaid ticket. Uh, we were there for like 4 minutes and they wanted 3 bucks. You should have seen a grown man yell at a machine “how do I get outta here?” Sorry I laughed at you cowboy. Not really.


We found parking and asked a local for directions to the nearest restaurant. After pizza(!) we found a Starbucks and headed back to the car. I chilled out for a bit with my vanilla Americano to try and calm my nerves.

Anxiety level: high

Headache level: moderate

Coffee level: Juuuuuust right

We got to my appointment with plenty of time to spare which was really nice to just sit for a bit. Then they called us back and gave me this super hawt lingerie to rock. Don’t be jealous.


The Doctor came in and was just soooooo cool. He examined me and then we sat down at a table over his laptop and looked at all the MRI and X-rays and just talked to us. He explained that my hip actually has too much bone at the front part of my hip socket. Yup, I’ve got 4mm of extra bone people. #TWSS.

He went on to explain that because of that extra bone, I have an impingement of the little labrum on the inside of the socket. You could actually see a small bit of damage where the leg goes into my hip. It’s very small at this point, but it’s just gonna get worse if I want to keep running. Turns out, this is most likely genetic. My mom never ran, but has hip issues that showed up later in life. Crappy genes is all I ever get from her!

In true Jacqueline fashion, I asked a lot of questions and after trying my best to explore every other option. I asked him if I did nothing what would happen? He gave the best answer any doctor could ever give, he answered by asking a question, “how are your mom’s hips?” ……..I scheduled the surgery for next month.

I left there with some answers for the 1st time ever. But the most important question was answered: I WILL BE ABLE TO RUN AGAIN!! Which means I can’t wait to add to my Mizuno Wave Rider collection. Boom!


I’ll talk more about the surgery + expected recovery soon, but for now I’m going to harass Mike + Bam and get a refill on my Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee. <-get some STAT!

Has anyone else had hip issues?


Coffee lovers, what is your current favorite one?


A big day for me + ‘everybody gets a trophy’

Today is a big day. Mike took the day off to drive me to San Francisco to see a specialist, who is supposed to be the best around. Apparently when you invent hip arthroscopy surgery, you’re so good, you don’t have to take insurance. I have high hopes.

2014-11-12 19.44.36

Sorry if I’ve come across a little on the grumpy side lately, I haven’t been running much. At this point, it’s a miracle the world around me still exists. I should probably apologize to Mike for telling him he is not allowed to retire. Ever. Even if there’s a fire.

It’s both embarrassing and ridiculous how many times I’ve been injured this year. So I’m crossing my fingers for some answers. And hopefully good news.


I want to thank you guys for all of the awesome comments on yesterdays post. It was a great conversation. Mike + I enjoyed reading your comments. We loved Tempie’s thoughts:

“So many kids these days seem to have such a sense of entitlement. The whole “everyone gets a trophy” thing drives me nuts! I was taught that you worked to get the things you wanted in life. If you didn’t win, you didn’t get a trophy. That way, you learned to work harder to be better next time.”

Girlfriend nailed it. She reminded me of a bit George Carlin did titled “Every Child Is Special.” Just be aware there is some profanity. It’s the best kind of profanity, the truthful kind.

We are leaving right after I hit publish, so if you have any recommendations on restaurants or places to see, please leave them in the comments. It’s quite a hike, so I’ll be able to check my phone on the drive up.

If you don’t have any recs, tell me something stupid/funny/ridiculous. K, thanks. Bye.


Navigating the land of opportunity

Over Thanksgiving, Mike + I were talking to Lu about her future. We’ve always encouraged her to dream big, go after what makes her happy and generates a decent income to support herself. Then we were talking to some friends and I realized some folks just don’t really know how to do this. It sounds so simple, but there is a lot of soul searching and hard work involved.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we know what’s best for you. We just know what works/ed for us and I want to share our personal experiences with you. We genuinely like to help folks who want to help themselves. We have the same 24 hours every day just like everyone else.

We have come a long way, you may read this post I wrote earlier this year to get a feel for how our choices have shaped our lives today. Spoiler alert: It was 100% PURE, HARD WORK. There were no handouts, just hard work and folks who helped us help ourselves. So, I feel like this post is our way of paying it forward.

I grew up in the ghetto in Fresno, CA. I was literally ghetto fabulous. My parents struggled every day to put food on the table, keep a roof over our heads. Sometimes we couldn’t afford new school clothes or shoes, but we always had enough. When I look back now, I thought everyone had to constantly struggle and that was just part of life.

The truth is that the need to struggle goes away with making hard choices and harder work.


Here are a few ideas:

  • Before you do anything, go to the Mike RoweWORKS site and read this. Take your time, I’ll wait.

    “The goal of Profoundly Disconnected® is to challenge the absurd belief that a four-year degree is the only path to success. The Skills Gap is here, and if we don’t close it, it’ll swallow us all.” – Mike RoweWORKS website

    Are you back? Cool!

  • Take what you just read and apply it to your life. That’s an excellent start.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to college, but it’s not for everyone. I don’t have a college degree nor do I wish to obtain one. But I am genuinely happy with my job. It’s something I am passionate about and I make more than a lot of college educated folks. The key here is happiness and everything else falls into place.
  • It’s never too late for a career change. Mike started a brand new career at the age of 42 and is happier than ever. It was not an easy transition. It took a couple years and a lot of disappointment but he NEVER gave up.
  • Take the crappiest job if you have to. You’re not better than any job. Make it appear glamorous, be happy about it, work you ass off knowing it is a stepping stone closer to your goal. My first job was mopping floors at McDonalds. I was 16 and happy to be making a little income and you can bet those floors were spotless. Bottom line, find any job and start working. Then work on getting promotes or finding a better job.
  • Stop thinking the world owes you. With that mentality you are doomed for failure. Take responsibility for yourself and work for what you want.rp_2014-11-03-15.19.10-610x343.jpg
  • Don’t be afraid to relocate. Friends + family are a big part of our lives. I totally get it, but don’t hold yourself back because of them. Of course there are exceptions, but think about the big picture and if it makes sense go for it.
  • Stop making excuses for why you can’t. This is a no brainer for me, but I am surprised at how often I hear excuse after excuse.richkidrags
  • If your dream job doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to create it. A friend of mine who did my hair when I lived back home is crazy talented and recently launched her own brand. She became a mom and decided to become an entrepreneur. Again! She came up with a design, tried it out on her kiddos, developed a super cute website, snapped some amazing pictures of the product in use and marketed it on social media. And boom, she is now a 2 time business owner. (She still does hair.)

My best advice is to WORK HARD and don’t stop until you are happy & passionate about your life. Realize it may take months or years to get there, but it is SO worth the effort.

Ha and you expected to come to SCB to read something dumb or some vague Elf movie reference! Sorry, I’ll come up with something idiotic and mind numbing to write about tomorrow. Deal?

Any other tips?

Share your struggles + success stories. I would LOVE to hear them.


I was born in the wrong generation + “four survey”

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning our house. Mostly because it’s been far too long since I did a deep clean, but more so, we now have room for a Christmas tree. Bam + I were in negotiations all afternoon on where it should go. Thankfully he took one for the team by agreeing to move his bed (1 of 3!) and toy box temporarily.

He better not pee on the tree.

I even made dinner, spaghetti squash with meat marinara sauce and sliced mozzarella. No pic because how do you make that look good? It was my first time trying the squash, is it supposed to be on the crunchy side? Anyway I didn’t love it or hate it, not sure I’d have it again…

2014-12-01 17.33.55

Then I cracked open a bottle of wine, turned on Frank Sinatra and admired my nice clean house. What is it about clean floors that make me so happy? And yes, I am convinced I was born in the wrong generation.

I saw this four survey on Caitlin’s blog and enjoyed learning more about her so I decided to tweek it + include it here. Feel free to join in on the comments and/or your blog!

Four things I prefer not to eat

1. Mayo

2. Rosemary

3. Lamb

4. Ginger

Four places I’ve been to

1. Reno

2. Disneyland, duh

3. Vegas

4. Sequoia National Park

Four places I’d rather be right now

1. In my bed watching a Christmas movie with coffee in hand

2. Right where I am, on the couch with the boys

3. Running in the rain that is coming down right now

4. Hiking with Bam in the rain

Four of my favorite foods

1. Bananas

2. Chips

3. Dips + sauces

4. Mikes homemade marinara meat sauce

Four favorite movies

1. The Elf

2. Home Alone

3. High Crimes

4. A Christmas Story

Four names people call me

1. J

2. Jackie

3. Yak (I talk a lot)

4. Jacqueline

Four jobs I’ve had

1. Starbucks barista (now my coffee addiction makes sense, uh?)

2. Server at Applebees

3. Sprint (I managed 30 indirect stores and don’t miss it)

4.  Pebble Beach Golf (best.job.ever)

Your turn!


I need your recommendations + this picture cracks me up

Happy December & Cyber Monday!! Has anyone found any schweet deals today?

Yesterday I was grumpy mc grump pants but thankfully today I woke up feeling refreshed and excited. I feel like I’ve lost a little excitement for life lately, so my new mini goal is to slow down and enjoy the season. Anyone wanna come over for a gingerbread house/Christmas movie party?

I started some meal prepping last night which helped jump start a brand new week and when I’m done writing this post I’m going to crack open my planner. Ooh speaking of that, do you have a planner you love? I have one from Erin Condren, though I really like it, I’m a typical chick who loves options. And I kinda miss having actual lines to write on each day. #firstworldproblems

Dang, guess I’m feeling needy today. Hah

Lets back up to some adventures at grandmas house. We were picking oranges + lemons from her trees when Lu snapped this candid.

2014-11-28 15.23.15

I pretty much grew up at her house, so I’ve always had orange + lemon trees. Store bought fruit doesn’t have anything on the fresh picked stuff.

One day when I am rich, I will ship you all some so you can experience the huge, delicious difference.

2014-11-28 15.20.33

We did pick extras to share with some friends in Monterey, so if you’re a local, holla!

2014-11-28 15.24.31

Her winter garden is looking amazing. I think there is spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens + green onions. I put in a request to have greens with bacon for Christmas supper.

2014-11-28 15.54.58

Everything is organic. Grandma was organic before it was cool.

2014-11-28 15.55.50

Then we went inside to play with rubber band balls she made. Any guesses on how this ended?

2014-11-29 15.48.10

Well it’s time to wrap this up and do something productive. Like refill my coffee cup.

I hope you have a wonderful week!!