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Road Trip 2016

I have so much I want to share with you guys, but the thing about blogging is it’s hard to sift through my life and figure out what you guys are interested in reading about. Total first world… Read More

Tiny squares of sunshine

My life, as depicted in the tiny squares of Instagram is a lot like how I am if you met me in real life. I choose to focus on the positive, sunny spots, so when tough times come… Read More

Gallbladder surgery, post op

**This is part 2 of the traitor gallbladder. You may read part one here.** **This post includes some graphic post surgery pics.** First thing Monday morning, April 18 I had surgery. We arrived at 7:30am for pre-op, they… Read More

Adventures of a traitor gallbladder

Some of the most popular posts on SCB are about hip surgery, running injuries and food allergies. I think it’s hilarious you guys are interested in my misery. No, seriously, I really do and you can bet I’m… Read More

Paleo recipes I’m digging

I absolutely love feeling inspired. Especially when I’m not expecting it, like cruising through the farmers market, Pinterest or the beach. I’ve been embracing that inspiration and trying new recipes. Most of the time I search Pinterest for… Read More

Last week

These flower pictures were snapped on my S6 while hiking between storms last week. No filter, or editing of any kind. Just nature being it’s rad self. Mike and I randomly ended up at a beach that has… Read More

This ‘N That

  Good morning!! It’s been a hot minute since the last time I checked in. I hope you are all doing well! Let’s fill you in on what’s been going on since I last posted. First ProAm came… Read More

Now I don’t have to post Bam butt

Gosh, thank you guys so much for responding to my last post. I will respond to each of you soon. I especially love that you guys enjoy that SCB doesn’t have a set direction. I’ve read so many… Read More

All about YOU

Hey hey! I was getting quite a few emails about the comment section not working after the new layout change-a-roo. They are now fixed and ready to take your feedback! Now that I’ve sorta gotten back into blogging,… Read More

Pins To Kill Custom Leggings

Custom tights were sent to me in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine all mine.  I rarely do product reviews or sponsored posts these days, unless it’s something I absolutely love and know most of you… Read More