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Kombucha contains alcohol? And other random stuff

Good Sunday morning to you!! There are a bunch of random things in my brain and the boys are still snoozing so I figured I’d chat with you guys. First things first, Kombucha contains alcohol?? Is this a new thing? Clearly it meant that I needed to try the Synergy brand for the first time. … Continue reading »

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Some life updates

Good Sunday morning!! I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Is anyone getting excited about Thanksgiving? It’s also my grandma’s Birthday so it’ll be extra special this year. It’s been awhile since I last checking into the world of SCB, so let’s bring you up to date with what’s been going on around here. It’s … Continue reading »

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Unexpected conversation

Some of the best conversations start just as we’re walking out the door to leave. I have no idea why we feel the need to open up a little bit more when we’re about to leave somewhere, but I absolutely love it when moments like that happen. Recently, I had one of those conversations. It … Continue reading »

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Shape Magazine Meet & Tweet, Santa Monica

SHAPE Magazine invited me to their Meet & Tweet event yesterday in Santa Monica. It was an honor to be apart of a wonderful event overflowing with many health minded folks, who help cultivate the online fitness community. It was impossible to leave this event feeling uninspired, so I wanted to share some highlights with … Continue reading »

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Monterey area recommendations from a local

I’ve had quite a few emails lately requesting recommendations on things to do in the Monterey area, so I figured I’d put a post together for you guys. First, if you are planning a trip to Monterey, you have made a fantastic life decision. I hope you love the beach, incredible views, great food & … Continue reading »

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The year of healing

After quite a bit of reflecting on what I had planned this year, peeking at the vision board I made of goals & dreams I had for 2015. Then laughing because nothing I planned on paper became a reality. Like NOTHING ha! 2015 has now been dubbed the year of healing. Healing the hip, healing sesamoid … Continue reading »

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A bloggers advise on working with PR companies

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time. Now that I have transitioned myself mostly out of the blogworld and basically have zero f’s to give, it’s time I share what I really think about working with PR companies. Before I jump straight to the negative, you should know that there are … Continue reading »

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Treating and curing Sesamoiditis

This post is probably not going to appeal to many folks, but I want to share my experiences in dealing with sesamoiditis. I am not a doctor or expert or anything smart like that. There is no Dr. SCB, so take my advise as a grain of sea salt. Just sharing some positive things that are … Continue reading »

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Simple things Monday

You know, all those things that make you happy….. Yah, you should totally do them!

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The diagnosis and game plan

Yesterday Mike took me to San Francisco and bought me a new foot. Some assembly is required though. Ha, I only wish that were the case! In all realness, Mike has been nothing short of incredible. He took the day off work to drive to SF and insure the world that SCB wouldn’t murder anyone … Continue reading »

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