My life:

Eat cupcakes, run, repeat. 

My mission in life:

Try every cupcake shop & rate ‘em so you may never have to experience a bad cupcake ever. 

Ah, the things I do for my dear readers.


6 thoughts on “Cupcakes

  1. Melissa

    SCB you need to try our cupcakes! Sweet Magnolias Vegan Cupcakes :) Me and my sisters own a vegan cupcake biz! I’ll have to send you some. We were just on Cupcake Wars, season 8! Check out our YouTube vid! Love your blog, keep on inspiring :)

  2. Jessie

    I totally dig this. Just returned from a 10 hour roadtrip, complete with 2 different cupcake stops and runs in Ohio, Indiana and a 5k in Missouri! Cupcake on.


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