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I’ve had intestinal issues pretty much my whole life. I was diagnosed with IBS by several doctors, but no one could offer treatment or a cure. That was until October of 2015 when I finally found the IBS Treatment Center in Santa Monica, CA. Through testing, we were able to pinpoint food allergies & intolerances as well as a small Candida infection in the gut. Within one week of cutting out the offending foods, cane sugar & yeast, I felt so much better. Nowadays I have mostly adjusted to my new way of eating and lifestyle and continue to heal the gut with nutrient dense food and probiotics.

If you’re interested in reading about my journey that’s still in progress, here are some of the posts I’ve written on it. To find additional posts, feel free to use the search bar widget located on the right side of this site.

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  1. I was diagnosed (finally) at the end of high school after going through some pretty awful tests adn about 6-7 years of suffering. I’ve been IBS-D this whole time (severely sensitive stomach) but lately things have been shifting a little and while I still have flare-ups that are painfully killing me, I find I’m leaning towards IBS-C and SEVERE and PAINFUL bloating. Like eat anything at all (or even think about food) and I look 7 months pregnant.

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