Wine tasting in Carmel Valley & Instagram link up

If you’ve been watching Pro-Am on the Golf channel, then you already know what kind of weather we are having. Between that and a 3 day weekend there was a full on tourist invasion on the Monterey peninsula. A drive to the grocery store is usually a 10 minutes, this weekend it would take 45. No joke.

So Mike & I hightailed it to Carmel Valley for some wine tasting both Saturday & Sunday. We are becoming those people. Bah.

2015-02-15 16.39.37

2015-02-15 17.16.16

If you’re local or thinking of coming to this area, my favorites (so far) are Joyce, Parsonage & Joullian.

2015-02-14 14.16.14

Mike prefers reds & I like whites, so we split one tasting.

2015-02-15 15.52.29

Hands down, the winner of the day was a Rose from Joullian. We loved it so much, we brought 3 bottles home. Hey, they had us at half price. Dang, I really need to stop being such a cheap date.

2015-02-15 16.03.41


Mike wanted me to dress like a girly girl. Guess he’s tired of hoodies & yoga pants. Is that even possible?

This rare event had to be documented. I am wearing a sundress and a real bra. The flip flops are my way of rebelling against conformity. Really, my grandma hip can’t do heels yet, but soon.

2015-02-15 16.04.11

Now back to normal workout attire, hair in bun, headband in place, real smile on my mug!

Between trips, I hit up a wine detox spin class where I got my ass handed to me in the best way possible. There’s gotta be a prize for feeling dizzy while climbing hills, right?

2015-02-15 10.44.52

Another notable mention are these Pearl izumi Sugar Short. <-Say sugar shorts 10 times fast.

They are super comfortable, the length & have a little extra padding. I have them in 2 designs and crossing my fingers they come out with a neon pink for spring. Wouldn’t that be cute!?

Does anyone else buy multiples of the same item when you fall in love?

Yes, especially at Costco. I love their workout tanks but they sell out fast so I tend to snag every color.

What kind of clothes do you live in? Do you actually do your hair?

Instagram link up!! Leave or link to your handle so we can stalk you.



What do you look for in a gym?

I’m sunburned, tired and happy. All the things I love!

After overdoing it a little the day before, I took yesterday nice & easy. Bam & I sunned on the patio, then went for a walk around the hood. Which means we walked 5 steps, stopped for Bam to either sniff flowers, hunt for squirrels, try to trip me or pee on bushes. Dude can not walk like a real dog on a leash to save his life.

2015-02-11 14.10.23

I won’t tell you what are temps are this week, but I will wish my snowed in/cold friends some warm sunshiny weather soon.

2015-02-11 14.15.13

Flowers are out and I’m not sure what these are below but they are beautiful.

2015-02-11 14.20.22

Some of us do not appreciate them as much.

2015-02-11 14.20.11

These numbers are much more manageable. I don’t have a partnership with fitbit, I just really love their product. It has been so helpful with recovery. I have data to help adjust my daily (sometimes hourly) activity level. There is no way I would have thought I walked 6 miles the other day. I would have underestimated and then wondered why the ole grandma hip ached. Well duh.

2015-02-12 15.48.34


Yesterday over lunch I was telling Mike about how much I love our gym.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s close to our house. I could easily hop on the rec trail and walk or bike there.
  • Everyone I’ve come in contact with has been very friendly & helpful.
  • There are several employees waiting to help move, set up bikes or answer questions when I take a spin class. <-that was a pleasant surprise.
  • Indoor heated pool.
  • The monthly fee is reasonable for the amenities and there is no contract. <-HUGE selling point.  I despise how corporate type gyms do business locking you into crazy contracts & changing the monthly dues. Just give me a dang price and stick with it.
  • Tons of classes with really awesome (at least the few I’ve taken) instructors.
  • There is always an employee walking around ready to assist or answer questions.
  • It’s very clean.

2015-02-04 15.33.17

Some things I don’t like but are not deal breakers:

  • Free street parking is somewhat limited or full at the times I go, so I have to pay to park inside the gym parking log most times.
  • They sell junk food at the cafe. Chips, lunchables, Hot Pockets, cookies, candy etc. I have no problem crushing a bag of chips, but this is not the place for it.



I’m off to physical therapy and a walk with Heather. I hope you are having a fantastic week!

What are some things you look for in a gym?

What is a deal breaker?

Dog owners, any tips to get Bam to walk on a leash? He sucks at it.


My husband would cry & every gym needs one of these

Sadly I am not working Pro Am this year. Getting in & out of the car is still a challenge and I can only imagine trying to do that with the golf cart 50+ times a day. I think Mike is secretly happy because I no longer have a chance to see his fav – Bill freaking Murray in person. If that ever happened, I have a feeling Mike would actually cry. Or die. Or both.

So instead of wallowing in my sad state of not making folks from all over the world happy and missing out on celeb sightings, we are spending our extra time together quite well.

Yesterday we walked to Cannery Row for lunch at the Fish Hopper. The last time we ate there was before we moved here. We came to look for a place to live. One of the cool things about writing a blog is you can look back and see what you did. 

2015-02-10 12.19.46

Our trick to eating at touristy restaurants is to ask for the secret local menu. Most restaurants especially on Fishermans Wharf & Cannery Row have them but you have to ask. (They usually ask for an ID.) We also score free parking in Fishermans Wharf Mon-Thr.

I had a grilled chicken salad the chef whipped up with balsamic dressing. That orange/red thing on the upper right was papaya and it was my first time trying it. Totally a winner! But I kinda already knew it would be since I love tropical fruit.

2015-02-10 11.53.38

The view.

2015-02-10 11.38.39

Post lunch coffee stroll.

2015-02-10 12.30.33

2015-02-10 12.19.12

I did a lot more walking than anticipated so I spent some quality time with the foam roller and hung out with Bam on the patio until the repairman showed up. Our washing machine keeps giving us an error code and I finally got tired of babysitting it. Of course it’s out of warranty, but luckily it is a known issue with LG and they are paying for the service & repair. Our day = made!

The evening was spent at the gym & farmers market with Heather working abs & arms. Every gym needs an ab basketball machine. Too bad it doesn’t spit out tickets for cool stuff like a glass of wine post workout. Now, wouldn’t that be nice!?


And a creeper dude giving you the thumbs up. PS Heathers scored 23 shots in 1:30 so she kinda rocks.


Now everything from the waist down is dead. If my hip falls off this is why.

2015-02-11 03.04.21

Probably, most likely, most definitely not my smartest life decision. So today I will slow down and take it easy. Take it eeeeeeeasy…..take it eeeeeeeeaaaasy…..

What was the last new to you food you tried? Did you like it?

What is your favorite piece of equipment at the gym?

What do you do for a living?

Bam wanted to participate today. His job is to chew his butt and collect cans. It’s kinda a tough job for a guy without thumbs.


How to find a running or fitness coach?

This will be happening soon!!!!!!!!!!!


In the meantime, I will continue to rehab in physical therapy, cross training & foam rolling.

Speaking of foam rolling, I have a mood swing in the middle of a sentence every time I foam roll. It goes something like this: I love you, son of a nutcracker. Anyone else do that too?

2015-02-09 14.16.55

Will (my PT) gave me the okay to start easing into some leg work at the gym. I feel like I’m in a good place right now and ready to start a more structured training program, but it’s so overwhelming. I’m not sure where to start. Guess it’s not a bad problem to have.

I had some time between PT and another appointment so I walked around El Estero Lake. It’s 1.25 miles around which was the perfect distance to catch some fresh air.



I saw someone cruising over the ocean. Their view must have been incredible.


It was all fun and games until the fog started to roll in. It’s oddly fun to try and beat it.


Oh and just in case you think this knucklehead is so cute, sweet cuddly and innocent….


He is not.


I caught this little 15 pounds of punk rubbing his butt on my yoga mat yesterday. He is such a dick.

The germophobe in me could not handle it.

My life tip of the day: invest in Lysol stock now.

What are you currently training for?

Does anyone else catch their pets acting a fool?

Do you have a coach or trainer? If so, please share your thoughts.


Digging deep & a pro for not having kids

It finally felt like winter around here this weekend. Well, kinda. The pineapple express brought a couple storms but the temps were 65-72 degrees so that made for a very humid weekend. We don’t usually get humidity so maybe I am being dramatic…


Since I didn’t really want to be out in it, I went to a spin class yesterday morning. It was one of the best ideas I’ve had all week. The instructor had us digging deep, working for it. I knew it was going to be a tough workout when I felt like body parts were going to start flying off 14 minutes into the hour long class. I was quickly reminded that I am still recovering from surgery 7.5 weeks ago and unfortunately surgery was not for a bionic hip. Dang it.

You know those times when you start a workout and think there is no way I can sustain this without dying till the end? But stick it out, it makes you feel tough and you live to tell about it. Yah, it was like that. Magically somewhere between 14 -18 minutes I finally got into the  groove of things, felt confident and strong. Whew.

I had to modify a few things (not stand up, lower the resistance) a few times, but held onto that suffer fest the whole time. Gotta say the no giving up thing was quite the accomplishment for this out of shape chick and totally deserved a coffee.


I came home, lost the sweaty top, foam rolled the punk ass quads, then lost sports bra and put together a quick lunch. One pro for not having kids -> you get to walk around your house nekkid and nobody thinks anything of it.


PS still liking the H & M sports bra.

After we got iced coffee and all was right in the world. Ooh speaking of coffee, we went to La Bicyclette for breakfast over the weekend and Mike ordered coffee and they brought out this glorious display of liquid gold. Pretty sure this is what heaven must look like.


I was so envious of his super awesome life decision, I ordered one as well. It was extra bold & perfect and now I want to go back every day until death do us part.


After we roamed around Carmel and popped into a couple local shops until someone had to pee.

2015-02-07 11.39.56

We spent the afternoon bumming around the house until I decided to walk Bam around the hood for the first time since before surgery. Each step feels like I am reclaiming a sense of normalcy. Plus Bam only tried to trip me 32 times. #winning


Our evenings were spent just like this…which is pretty much every evening around here.


Annnnnd Garth Brooks is coming to Cali!!!!!!!!! That is all.

Excuse me while I go put some clothes on.


I love…

I love staying at home at night.

I love wind swept crazy hair that says I’ve been outside all day.


I love cozy pajamas and yoga pants.

I love cancelled plans.

I love going to bed & waking up early.

I love rainy nights, hoping the power goes out.

I love quiet coffee shops that don’t smell like food.

I love tromping through mud & puddles with my dog.

2014-11-13 10.31.54

I love those who deliver pizza to my front door.

I love a bubble bath & wine after a long day.

I love walking through fresh produce.

I want to travel.

I want to feel life, not go through the motions.

I love helping those who want to help themselves.

I’d love to drive the karma bus.

Share your loves.


Well that’s a crapshoot & a dumb thing I do at the gym

Look who stopped her whining and got her sweat on? You are welcome for this super sexy picture.

2015-02-04 15.35.04

I miss riding my bike on the trail but I can’t be trusted not to fall. If that happens my 55K grandma hip is screwed. Not interested. But I am interested in riding the bike at the gym, rocking out to the Rihanna station on Pandora while watching the world go by. Anyone else like to people watch?

2015-02-04 15.16.53

Okay nerdy J alert. I don’t like going to the locker room to change so I put cycling shorts in my gym bag and slip them on over my tights before I get on the bike. After I just take them off and I’m ready to cross train. I have no shame.

2015-02-04 15.19.35


  • 30 minute interval bike ride
  • 3 X 45 second planks
  • Foam rolling before & after workout

After I walked across the street to meet Heather for a walk. I saw dark clouds {maybe it was fog?} roll in. We crossed our fingers we wouldn’t get caught in the rain. Though that would have been a blast.

2015-02-04 15.43.04

I really enjoy hanging out at Old Fishermans Wharf during the week. Before we know it tourist season will be here and I will stay far away. This girl is not a fan of being around a lot of people.

2015-02-04 16.48.16

It was perfect, crisp weather for a long walk. We caught up about life, dreams, her wedding, running & a bunch of other random stuff. Heather has some big things happening and I am SO stoked for her!

2015-02-04 16.42.48

We were having so much fun chatting, I didn’t realize how far we walked. Yikes. Turns out this was my most active day post op and not gonna lie, last night was a crapshoot. I was either going to be popping pain meds or sleeping peacefully.

Well I was in a little pain, I am happy to report 2 Advil worked like a charm. Let’s see how today goes.

2015-02-05 04.20.53

 Feel free to friend me on fitbit.

Have a fantastic Thursday!!

Of possible interest:

Do you like to people watch?

Do you do anything weird to save time at the gym?

Has anyone tried coconut milk?

I have not, but can’t wait to give it try.


The struggle is real: broken runner edition

I’ve been moping around the house all week. It’s pathetic and unlike me to do that.

Though I can’t run right now, there are things I CAN do but have seemed to come up with a gazillion excuses not to. Wanna hear some of them? Sure ya do!

  • I have no energy.
  • I will miss out of time with Mike before he goes to work.
  • I have a migraine.
  • My eyelashes hurt.
  • I don’t have anyone to go with. <-Total lie. Heather meets me all the time.
  • The class times are too early or late. <-SUPER lame excuse.
  • What if a meteor hits the gym while I’m in it? <-Hey, it could happen.

Okay so I made some of them up but they are just as pathetic as the real ones. Having a migraine does suck so with the exception of that, there’s no valid reason for me not to make it to the gym.

As I was laying in the sun with Bam yesterday, Mike handed me this race sign up form. I saw the date and quickly said I can’t even run till March.

2015-02-03 11.54.59

Oh wait that’s NEXT month!!!!! All of the sudden the glass was half full.

Here’s the deal. I am just being a whiny pain in the ass. I have always been a huge advocate of finding things you CAN do and DO them. I am now eating my words and it feels pretty crappy not living up to them. It happens to all of us, it’s how we choose to handle it is what shows our character.

Sometimes we just need to sulk in self pity for a bit so we can pick ourselves up and move on.

There is redemption, my friends! A new day, another shot to make things happen. So today I am going to pull my sorry ass together and go to the gym without any excuses. Even if my eyelashes hurt or I have to bribe myself with delicious iced coffee.

Because after I will feel so much better, more like myself and be a much happier human. You are welcome Mike. ;)

2015-02-03 12.18.14


Though I haven’t made it to the gym, I have been going for walks every day. Yesterday I took Bam with me to the beach so he could run around like a wild man. This is his ‘mom why are you walking so slow’ face.

2015-02-03 14.19.26

He tried to bust through the waves to catch birds. Watching Bam in his element was so refreshing. It’s crazy how much this little guy makes me happy just being himself.

Dude was unsuccessful but wore out in case you are wondering.

2015-02-03 14.06.16

At least one of us can run! {Pun totally intended}

2015-02-03 14.05.00

Y’all know where I’m headed. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Past and/or current injured runners, how do you overcome feeling sorry for yourself?

Share your broken runner stories. Especially if they are pathetic and can make us laugh.

4 things you did yesterday?


2 February goals & detoxing

I hope you are having a lovely day.

I went to bed with a headache and woke up with a migraine. Juuuust peachy. Crossing my fingers Imitrex kicks in so I can get on with my day.

Lets talk about setting goals for February.



I’m not feeling like being an overachiever right now, so I’m keeping them simple & attainable.

 Two things I’d like to accomplish:

  • Increase workout time & intensity. Now that I am definitely on the mend, I feel confident my body can handle it. My focus will be cycling, strength training, long walks & physical therapy.
  • Declutter spare bedroom, file or shred paperwork & find a CPA. <-Just add dishes to this list and it’s pretty much chores I despise doing. But it will be so therapeutic when it’s done.

Please hold me to these. :)


Rewinding a bit…

Sunday was low key, which is just what we needed. I went to physical therapy in the morning so that frees up an afternoon during the week. Then made a pit stop for coffee on the way home to fire up the grill for bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, stuffed mushrooms & sausage stuffed peppers. Whole Foods did all the prepping, Mike did all the grilling and I did all the…nothing. Well, I did help eat & cleaned up, so that has to count for something, right?

2015-02-01 12.27.55

After stuffing my face, I went for a pre game walk along the beach. Mike & I did this same loop a couple weeks ago and I paid dearly for it. I’ve come a long way since then & felt confident about it this time.

2015-02-01 14.09.58

Never stop exploring.

2015-02-01 23.05.29

2015-02-01 13.47.04

A little while later, I made lazy girl potato skins. Because BACON. This was a total Pinterest win!

2015-02-01 16.45.44

Monday was all about a bacon/buffalo wing sauce/salt detox. On top of all this delicious food, we’ve been eating out a little more than I’d like, so I spent some time meal prepping for the week. I feel better already.

2015-02-02 14.23.18

Roasted butternut squash, boiled eggs, strawberries & harvest grain mix.  Unpictured, a spinach & romaine salad.

2015-02-02 16.54.43

With a side of creeper staring at me. Weirdo.

2015-02-02 15.52.54

Share your goal(s) for the month if you have any.

What are your least favorite chores?

If you meal prep, share your favorites or shortcuts.

I’m no pro here, but I steam grains like the harvest blend above in a rice cooker. 1 cup of grains to 2 cups water. With my track record for cooking, you might want to follow the directions on the package. 


Saturday scenes

Some days just don’t go as planned. Some days go from okay to horrible to good. Don’t let all these pictures fool you, it was a bit of a rough one ’round here, but I’ll just share the good stuff. In Mike Rowe’s words, you are a product of your choices, not your circumstances.

So with that said, here are some things we did today…

Went for a long stroll along the beach trail in Aptos with Mike to see the SS Palo Alto ship.



The walk along the trail back to the car while hoping the hip continued to hold up. It did! Thank goodness.

2015-01-31 13.16.21

We popped into a couple local shops.

2015-01-31 14.19.40


Did a little antique window shopping.

2015-01-31 14.31.10

Took a wheatgrass shot & orange juice chaser to balance out the burger & fries. The epitome of a Whole Foods shopper. Don’t worry, I just washed my hair so we should be good.




Ginger beer & wine thirty with the first strawberries of the season.


Ended the day with a gorgeous January sunset. It was a good month, but I’m happy to see what February has in store.

2015-01-31 17.43.31


Enjoy the weekend friends!

Tell me about your day.

Beer, wine or neither?