My new fitness gadget

I have an early morning work meeting, but I wanted to share my new fitness gadget with you.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to find your motivation, put on your shoes and run. That has been me since we got back from vacation. I want to run, but have found every excuse not to. Plus I have the Mermaid Duathlon sneaking up on me. Yikes.

Emily has a fitbit and over the weekend I picked her brain about it. Since she really likes it, I thought it might be a great way to loosely track my daily activity. I’m still not sure how accurate they are, but at least I’ll have a general idea.

I did a little more research online and this new fitness geek has another gadget to play with.

2014-09-03 15.32.49

I started using it around 3:30-4pm ish and couldn’t wait to test it out. I took Bam for a walk around the ‘hood. Being outside is always so refreshing I didn’t want to stop. So quickly changed into my beloved Mizuno’s and hit up the trail. I felt a headache coming on the last two days, so I took it easy but turns out it completely cured it. Now I am convinced running is the cure for everything. Winking smile

skinnychickblog on Instagram

My activity log. Can you see the Type A smiling right now?

2014-09-04 03.07.45

Now if only I can figure out how to add friends….

How do you motivate yourself to do a workout?

Usually a coffee after works, but this time it was too late in the day.

What is your favorite fitness gadget?

Anyone else have a fitbit? I’m all ears to your experiences/advice.


Vegas babe: Bellagio fountain show

If you didn’t already know, the fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel was hands down my favorite part of our trip. I am easily entertained, so that might not be saying much, but in my mind, this was it!

Every 15 minutes I was so fascinated, Mike kept giggling at my expressions and snapped this shot. #iliveashelteredlife


Here are some of my favorite still shots and a couple videos at the end. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!




Here are a couple videos, you may see more here.

Fountain Show at the Bellagio, Las Vegas


Bellagio Fountain show, Las Vegas

This was the most memorable vacations I think I’ve ever had. Vegas, I will see you again SOON!


Please tell me all about your most memorable vacations!

Are you sheltered, well traveled or somewhere in between?

Sooooo sheltered.



I have learned a lot about myself in the last 9 days.

2014-08-31 08.55.26

A freaking lot.

Over the years, I have shared my Type A tendencies with you. Some of the weird things I do are funny and to be honest, some of them annoy the crap outta myself. For example: I wake up every morning, eat a banana, toast, drink a glass of water, and make a cup of coffee all in that order. I feel so off if say, I ran out of bananas. It’s really ridiculous.

Then vacation and Em came along. We were up with the birds hiking, getting iced coffee…just doing stuff we love.

2014-08-31 09.37.00

I love my routines. At least I thought I did.

Here’s the deal, the whole time we were on vacation, I threw out all of my dumb life rules and LIVED.


I lived life in the moment. We were up and out of the hotel by 7:15 every morning, on our way to explore the world and take every single minute of it in. I didn’t expect this at all. At first I was a little anxious not having a plan, just getting into the car and driving but then it clicked. We don’t need a plan.

When someone offered to snap a picture of us, this germaphobe couldn’t hand over my camera fast enough. I still took a Lysol wipe to it and my phone every single night, ha!

2014-08-28 16.27.12

I went out every night, stayed up way past this grandmas bedtime, woke up early, had a Margarita at happy hour, didn’t run or take my vitamins and survived almost a full week without eating something green and healthy.

I know this may not seem like a big deal for most of you, but for me it is. And it was one of the most freeing, eye opening moments that I never want to go away.

When we got home some friends from the valley came to visit for the day. And I continued to purposely make no plans. They had a few things in mind, so we did those and again, it was so fun.

2014-08-31 13.41.12

Then Emily came for the weekend. She and I have SO much in common, I swear she is my long lost sister. Hanging with her was a blast and again I found myself living in the moment, enjoying life just the way it is.

We hiked trails I love, but always seem to find a reason not to go back, tried a new freshly pressed juice place, played tourist around Carmel, went to a friends house for pizza since we had to balance out all the good stuff, checked out shops I always drive by and want to go into, but again find a reason not to, found a new to us fantastic restaurant I can’t wait to take Mike to, but best of all, we made a point to be present and just LIVE.

2014-08-31 10.21.57

I think it comes down to time away from my safe bubble, *mostly* disconnecting from the blog world/internet and getting a call with not so great news while we were in line to check into the hotel.

Life can take so many twists and turns, ups and downs so I encourage you to hike that trail you always drive by and think, gosh I’d like to do that one day, or pop into a store you never seem to have time for, stop by a friend or family members just to say hi, whatever you’ve been putting off, DO IT!

You never know what life will throw at you, so live it.

What are some things you keep putting off or don’t seem to make time for?

What did you do over the weekend?


I didn’t expect…

  • To see pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks already. Eventually fall and Christmas stuff will make their debut in May. Sheesh.
  • The Strip in Vegas to be so clean and *mostly* bum free.


  • This small town country girl/ chill beach bum didn’t expect to love Vegas. I thought I would like it, but not love it.  I was already scheming for a way to go back before we got off the plane.


  • To feel so small. Everything is larger than life and over the top amazing.
  • To walk half as much as we did. Seriously Vegas is an illusion-everything looks close by but would take forever to walk there. This turned out to be a good way to balance out the boneless buffalo wings I ate. Ha!


  • I didn’t expect to not run while on vacation. I took my fancy pants Mizunos (giveaway might be coming attcha soon. Maybe;). Turns out they were just along for the plane ride as they never came out of my suitcase.
  • I didn’t expect to not want to sleep. If you know me, then you know how much I love to sleep. Not this week. Our friend came over the evening we got home, looked at me and said man, you look tired. LMBO!
  • I don’t regret it one bit. Living life in the moment > anything else.


  • With that said, I can’t wait to really start training for the Mermaid duathlon next week. I have a solid month to prepare and this girl is stoked! Anyone want to run + ride it with me? The price increases on the first, so get on it. Also use coupon code SKINNYCHICK10 for 10% off registration. Let me know if you will be there so I can harass buy you coffee.
  • I didn’t expect dump Siri in Vegas. Apple does not allow bluetooth to sync with my new Galaxy Camera to send pictures over the air. I’ve been holding out for the iPhone 6, but I lost my s*** and I upgraded to the Galaxy S5. Now they talk to each other just fine and I haven’t looked back. #getittogetherapple

There is so much I still want to tell you, but we have friends coming over so I’ll share more with you later.

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Share some things you didn’t expect.

What are your plans for this extra long weekend?

Do you workout while on vacation?

Usually yes, but every morning I woke up ready to explore so I just rolled with it.


Going going back back to Cali Cali

We woke up bright and early to catch our flight back to Monterey. I somehow convinced Mike that I am entirely capable of karate chopping anyone who might attempt to hustle me so I could play on The Strip by myself last night. He stayed back at the hotel because his paws are pretty much covered in blisters from walking. Turns out Vans are not good walking shoes.

skinnychickblog on Instagram

If you’ve been following me on IG then you can probably guess where I ended up. Winking smile


It was my mission in life to go to the Bellagio and watch the fountain show every single night. Next time we’ll just have to stay there.


I definitely burned the candle at both ends since Sunday and feel like one of those celebs who needs to be admitted to the hospital for exhaustion. Ha just kidding, but I’m chugging cherry limeade Nuun since it has caffeine and trying to catch up on hydrating since I felt parched the entire time we were in Vegas. It was worth it.

SOOOOO worth it.


I’m sad our vacation is over, but I am so happy to be home by the sea and eat something with a little more color & nutrition than boneless wings, fries and margaritas. Until next time Vegas. Cheers!


Now that I really like flying, where do you recommend we travel to next?

I feel so disconnected from the blog world, fill me in on what’s going on with you.


How we do Vegas

Hello! It’s been awhile since I last checked in, but we have been playing tourist non-stop since we got here Sunday afternoon. I pretty much walk around the streets looking up with my jaw on the ground in amazement. Vegas is definitely the land of excess, opportunity and beauty.

So let’s back up to Sunday. I will be sure to recap each day…eventually.


I woke up one morning to an itinerary from the airline a couple weeks ago saying my flight was booked for Vegas. Mike said 34 years is long enough, your little butt is getting on a plane. Plus he scored a schweet deal, round trip flight for two and 4 nights in a hotel for about $500. So that was that.

We flew directly out of Monterey and in one hour we arrived in the beautifully hot dessert. I have totally adapted to the coastal weather, but will always love the hot, dry heat.


We rented a car for the week, which turned out to be a brilliant idea because we saw SO much more. First, we cruised down The Strip and checked into our hotel.


Then we drove around and hit up iconic places like the Little White Chapel.


And one of Mike’s favorite shows, Pawn Stars. Sadly, there were no Chumley sightings. He totally cracks me up.



After dinner, we walked The Strip. And holy smokes, my mind is blown.


I saw the fountains at the Bellagio for the first time and could not take my eyes off it. I loved it so much, it’s been a nightly staple. Like I can’t go to sleep without seeing it. Which probably explains why I’ve been dumping Visine into my eyeballs all day. #worthit


I took a video clip and will share it with you when we get home to Wi-Fi.



A couple random things I noticed about Vegas:

  • They play music everywhere. Even the parking garages to get you in the mood to shop, play at the casino, party, basically open your wallet.
  • Everything is over the top in the coolest, most detailed ways. Seriously, the mind is an amazing thing.
  • That saying “anything goes in Vegas” is 100% true.
  • Walking around everywhere is like living in a fairytale.

If you’ve gone to Vegas, what were your favorite things to see or do?

Any Pawn Star fans out there?

Random: when eating chips, do you look for the ones with the most seasoning and eat them first or just grab randomly?

Mike just gave me crap because I always look for the ones with the most seasoning and eat them first. I am sad for him because he doesn’t understand the science behind it.


Grandma goes to Vegas


This grandma went to Vegas!! We are having a blast. Seriously, this place continues to blow my little sheltered mind.every.minute.

Currently I’m blogging from the car as Mike argues with GPS. I think he’s loosing but he gave me a lot of coffee so I can handle anything right now.

I’ll share our adventures later but right now I’m trying to see & do as much as humanly possible on as little sleep as possible. My eyes have pretty much been bloodshot since I got on the plane Sunday. A sure sign of a vacation life well lived!
Catch ya later, I have rocks to climb.

It’s time


We leave for vacation tomorrow. I will be taking my laptop and blogging about our adventures, however I can’t promise how often posts will go live and I sure as heck don’t have a set time. It’s buttcation, I’ll get to it when I get to it. Or not. :)

Buuuuut if you just can’t get enough of SCB…

1. You are a weirdo.

2. I completely understand, I am one too.

3. You can stalk me on the gram. I love that app as much as Bam loves to chew his butt. 

4. Feel free to stalk Mike as well, though that boy comes with a warning label. It goes something like this: if you enjoy being offended on a regular basis, and have a sense of humor, follow him at your own risk.

Catch ya on the flipside.


Virtual coffee date: things we do to run aka self torture

Let’s do the Friday dance together, shall we! Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? We have a vacay planned, I’ll fill you in on the deets later. Until then, let’s have a virtual coffee date because in true SCB style, I have a bazillion things running through my head.

  • Speaking of that, does anyone else struggle to go to sleep because you just can’t make your mind stop thinking about stuff? If so, I’m all ears for your best advise.
  • I got another cortisone injection for the mortons neuroma punk yesterday morning. The last one lasted about a month, so I requested a little dosage increase this time. Let’s hope it lasts longer {or just completely disappears-now that’d be nice} this time.

2014-08-21 10.17.30

  • I have the best doctor in the world. He is so calm and for someone who is high strung, this is perfect. Plus he used a tiny Botox needle, and it took a little longer this time. {The longer it takes, the more it hurts.} I just sat there so quiet trying to think of coffee, the beach basically anything BUT the pain. He looked up to see if I was okay. Ha! Sheesh the things we do to be able to run. #worthit
  • As I type this I overheard Mike ask Google how to get rid of kidney stones. He has been in pain for 3 days now and apparently he has self diagnosed. I mean we have a fantastic doctor who happens to be our close friend, but noooooo. Dr. Google FTW.
  • I traded my beloved Starbucks Double Shot that I have been ordered nearly every day since 2008 for a grande iced coffee in a venti cup with extra ice. Sometimes I worry about me.

2014-08-21 12.02.35

  • And now the boy just took an apple cider vinegar, EVOO + lemon juice shot. Then chased it with water. #stufficantmakeup
  • I picked up a little decoration for our vacay. Not fancy pants because running gear/races > anythingelse

2014-08-21 16.01.59

  • This is soooo my life. Anyone else?

2014-08-20 21.41.58

Your turn! If we were having coffee what would you tell me?

Have you dealt with mortons neuroma? If so, what did you do and how did it go away?

What is your biggest, worst, most horrible, just thinking about it gives you anxiety fear ever?

Anything that has to do with puking will send me into an anxiety/full on panic attack. #anotherreasonicanthavekids


Sophistication is just a dream

Mike and I are not pretentious. At all.

We are also not very traditional. Basically we do what we want.

2014-08-20 18.28.42

One morning Mike enthusiastically told me about an idea he had to build a reclaimed wood wall. I have been dreaming of a Starbucks style home for years, so of course I was down. Then he threw out the idea of hanging artwork of our favorite movies.

2014-08-20 18.42.42

Movies we quote to each other all.the.time. For example: M – I have a meeting at work today. J – You have a meeting with the Bobs? M – Yeah, I hope they don’t ask for my TPS reports.

2014-08-20 18.27.00

After we got the wall put together and the artwork framed, we were hesitant to cover up the wall that has so much character. Then one day I came home from work to see Mike hung the the Bob’s over the fireplace. I loved it, but the OCD in me did not like that is wasn’t completely centered.

Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast.

2014-08-21 08.36.34

Just so the world knows, Mike won an argument. Don’t ever let that boy tell you otherwise. Winking smile

It was funny, taking these prints to get framed. All the people are getting nice pictures of their dead great grandfather or newspaper clippings of an obituary done, then there was us, with these. 

I am loving how our Starbucks home is coming together with a touch of us.

Artwork by Madison Gregory.

What are your favorite movie quotes?

How is your home decorated?

If you could redecorate it, what would you do?