Now what?

Thank you so much for your support on yesterdays post. These things happen and that’s why we need to think for ourselves and get another opinion or two. Don’t be afraid to fire a doctor. Do what’s best for YOU.

2014-07-07 20.14.31

I am hoping to have a loose game plan for recovery soon, but in the meantime I will continue to pool run. I really love it! I leave the pool feeling refreshed and so good for the rest of the day. It also increases circulation which I am hoping means healing those tendons a little faster.

I have been focusing on my form and finally feel like I am making progress. It’s pretty boring reminding myself to keep my back straight, so hopefully it will come naturally soon so I don’t look like a floppy wet noodle spaz flailing in the water.

2014-06-25 15.44.33

This week I busted out my bike for a spin. Lu and I cruised down to Fisherman’s Wharf and Lovers Point in Pacific Grove. It felt amazing to move my legs and catch some fresh, salty air and show Lu around.

2014-07-07 15.04.08

2014-07-07 15.24.26

2014-07-07 14.51.04

Then I came home to this extra firm(!) Trigger Point roller which magically appeared on my doorstep. I foresee a long term love/hate relationship with this torture device. Perfect timing!

I’ve tried a couple other brands of rollers, one I liked but another was too soft. Bring on the pain! In a good way, of course.

2014-07-08 13.25.54

What are your favorite fitness torture devices?

Have you ever been misdiagnosed?

What race are you training for right now? I really want to hear all about it!


The 1 percent: misdiagnosis

It’s taken me a long time to process this situation, a lot longer than usual because I am still trying to wrap my brain around the wasted. 7ish weeks in the boot and 9 days on crutches, only to find out, both were completely unnecessary, and in fact caused complications.

If I would have written this post days after finding this out, it would have went something like this: I want to chuck my falsely prescribed boot at the knucklehead podiatrist and poke him in the gut with the falsely prescribed crutches. But then again that would be premeditated assault (which I would never actually do) but that didn’t stop me from have a strong desire to.

There should be some kind of exception to the law when broken runners go crazy after being misdiagnosed, am I right?

I was so infuriated for days that I couldn’t even be happy about my new (less severe) diagnosis. And that’s okay, I have to allow myself to be an angry elf before I can move forward and choose to be happy.

/</<Okay end of SCB rant/>/>

Today is a new day. <- I hope you read that in the Chicken Little voice.


Under the advice of Mike and my primary doctor, I got a third opinion last week. But let me back up to the beginning before I get into that.

In April I started feeling a pain in the ball of my right foot,that came and went while both running and walking. Though I didn’t blog about it at the time, the day Lu + I went to climb rocks is the first time I remember the intense pain.

I just thought it was plantar fasciitis since I’ve dealt with that for a long time now. But a couple weeks later, it started to swell and I had a sharp pain lifting my big toe. I knew it was something more serious so I went to my first podiatrist. He is known to be the best around Monterey. Not in my opinion, but according to everyone I’ve talked to about him said that. I am not exaggerating. Everyone.

The conversation usually goes something like this: you’re are seeing Dr. Knucklehead?

Me: yeah.

Them: he’s the best.

I explained the pain I was having and that I wasn’t able to walk without limping, he took an X-Ray and told me it was a sesamoid stress fracture and sesamoiditis. Without doing a physical exam, I walked out with a new accessory for 3-6 weeks and was ordered not to work for at least 3 weeks.

2014-05-09 10.09.23

I asked him if there was anything else it could possibly be and he replied, “no that’s the only thing there, it’s the only thing it could be.”

He would be on vacation but said a fill in podiatrist would be calling me to set up a 3 week follow up. Which never happened.

So I wore the boot + compression socks as prescribed, and tried my best to stay off of it.

My foot continued to stay the same, swelling with multi shades of red and purple, tingling in my big toe. If tie-dye were in, my paw would have SO been in style.

2014-06-07 10.09.37

After Dr.Knucklehead came back from vacation and failed to respond to two of my phone calls, I saw my primary doctor whom I absolutely adore. He disagreed with Dr. Knukleheads diagnosis and encouraged me to get a 3rd opinion. So I said find me a new podiatrist and he did.

In the meantime, at week 5.5 I finally got into see Dr. Knucklehead for a follow up.

I explained things were the same-no better, no worse. He assured me this was typical for the injury I have and that I really need to stay off of it.

This didn’t sit well for myself or Mike (who was with me) so I asked for an MRI. Thankfully he agreed.

I got an MRI on the following Monday and within 3 hours Knucklehead called telling me things were worse than he thought. I went from a stress fracture to a complete fracture with sesamoiditis and he was afraid the bone would actually die if I didn’t stay off it. His advice: I need to be off my foot and on crutches for 3 weeks.

The Type A in me has to have specific instructions, so I asked if I could take a shower, etc. He replied “do you need a dictionary? You need to be 100% off it.” I didn’t tell Mike about that comment until this morning for Dr. Knuckleheads protection. Winking smile

I was terrified, so I did everything I could think of to stay off my paw. I hopped around, I rolled around the house in my rolley polley chair. We hired a house cleaner, Mike + Lu helped around the house while I protected that paw with every ounce of my being.

I want everybody to understand, Dr. Knucklehead made his diagnosis and never touched my foot.  He just looked at my foot, but never felt the tendons, bones, joints etc. He took an X-Ray, nothing showed up so he assumed it was a stress fracture. I had to push for the MRI or that would have never been ordered.

2014-06-24 12.27.17

9 days completely off of it, still feeling the same-no better, no worse I finally got into see podiatrist #2, Dr. Wonderful on week 8.

Being the Type A, not going to lay down for anyone bitch that I am, I had my MRI results sent to him, took my copy of the MRI images and hobbled my crippled, happy butt to his office.

This experience was a complete 180.

Before I told him what my original diagnosis was, I asked him to diagnose me. I wanted a completely honest, undiluted opinion.

After a bunch of questions, a thorough physical exam, another round of X-Rays, pressing really hard on both sesamoid bones, I felt NO PAIN. In fact the blood circulation was so poor because I was staying off of it, the more he pressed on it, the better it felt.

However the ball of my foot around toes 2 & 3 was painful and swollen.

Dr. Wonderful said, “go burn your crutches, you don’t need them.”

Dr. Wonderful explained I have sesamoitits and tendonitis. Yeah that’s it.  But, when Dr. Knucklehead told me to stay off of it 100% I was doing more damage.  It had turned into a circulatory issue. The major swelling and less than fashionable shades of red + purple is a sign that I have poor blood circulation in my foot. He asked if we’ve heard of the saying “use it or loose it” and said this picture below is showing signs of a circulatory issue.

2014-07-07 08.50.53

I pulled out this before & after pool running picture, and the doctor took my phone to show his office staff because the difference was so dramatic. I mean the man took the phone out of my hand and showed this picture to all the other doctors, nurses, strangers in the hall. He was amazed.

There is NO sign of a stress fractured sesamoid, NO sign of there ever being one and most definitely not a clean break.

Dr. Wonderful said to walk, yeah you know, put my foot on the ground, put weight on it, step and repeat.  He also sent me to physical therapy.

I told my PT guru’s Dr. Wonderfuls diagnosis, they looked at me and said, “wow, that’s an entirely different treatment.” Then said come back in an hour, we’ll get you right in.

They worked on my foot for almost 2 hours to get me walking again. Yes, 2 freaking hours the day before a holiday weekend. No words can explain how much that meant to me.

This was taken yesterday with two feet on the ground, walking.

2014-07-07 14.55.23

I’m going to break into a run soon, like this guy.

Maci Arms TCF 312  Midterm Blog Post   Run Forrest Run   Scene Analysis

Turns out now that I’m walking on it, I am feeling so much better. I still have pain, my body mechanics are way off, but the swelling is almost completely gone and the tingling in my toe is completely gone. I have a lot of PT ahead, but I am freaking walking. And you know what?

I will run again!


Turn 2 girls loose in a nursery with cameras and this is what you get

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend and are ready for a brand new week.

This girl is excited to get back in the saddle!! Booya! It’s already a great day.

2014-06-04 15.31.32

Oh how I’ve missed you and riding along the gorgeous Pacific.

Lu & I have big plans to cruise around Fisherman’s Wharf and check out the rec trail. There will also be lots of pool running + swimming involved as well.

2014-06-04 15.33.00-2

This also means I am another step closer to lacing these gems up. The Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 are coming out soon! I know there are a lot of WS fans out there who are really stoked about these kicks.

skinnychickblog on Instagram

Since I haven’t been able to take them for a test spin yet, here is some information from the folks at Mizuno. 

  • New refined fit includes a more harmonious midfoot wrap with softer, more breathable mesh materials throughout the upper, while still providing support in all the right places.
  • Ultra-responsive, lightweight U4ic midsole and Parallel Wave in the heel deliver a smooth, cushioned ride.
  • A wide forefoot, full-ground midsole and 10mm ramp give the Wave Sayonara 2 a stable, fast ride that’s incredibly light, yet durable, at 8.0 oz. (6.6 oz)
  • New sockliner provides increased resiliency and responsiveness.

You can bet they {and the Wave Kazan} will get the full SCB review as soon as I hit the trail running again. Pinky promise.


Yesterday Mike deemed it yard work day, so he took his two girls to the nursery and turned them loose with cameras. As you can tell, we got a lot of shopping done. Winking smile

2014-07-06 12.45.32

Lu has a dream of becoming a photographer, so we encouraged her to open an Instagram account to collect her favorites. Feel free to follow her if you like landscape/flower pics. Smile

2014-07-06 12.44.56

2014-07-06 12.51.51

2014-07-06 12.47.54

2014-07-06 12.43.13

We picked up a couple of mint plants because of our current obsession with mojitos and we can’t seem to keep it from wilting longer than a day in the fridge. Oh and he planted one of my favorite plants, bougainvillea’s.

I see them all around Monterey so that’s a good sign they love the year round climate and lessens the chance of us non-green thumbs killing them. I’ll have to snap a pic for you later since I am currently in my pj’s, sipping coffee on the couch talking to my virtual friends. Wow, that makes me sound like I need help.

I’m working on the injury update post. Since I’m writing it from the beginning, it’s a long one. Do you prefer one long post or should I break it up into 2 posts?

Current favorite running shoes? Brand, model and why?

I love love love the Wave Hitogami’s but when I start running again, I’m thinking about starting back with my trusty Wave Riders.

What is your favorite flower, plant or tree?

Along with bougainvillea’s, I love oak trees. We have 2 of them and they were a big selling point when we bought our house.

What’s on your fitness plan this week?


Yup, it’s summer….

Yesterday I woke up feeling sluggish and blah, I blame fireworks going off until 3am and the fact that this grandma was wiped out around 7 the night before. I knew a nice workout would make me feel more like myself and less grumpy so I headed to the gym to do some pool running.

I’ve been focusing on keeping my back straight, which is much easier said than done, but I kinda dig the challenge.

I never imagined I’d love pool running as much as I do. I can see how it can be boring, but it’s also very refreshing.

2014-07-01 15.01.31

Just in case you think it’s always sunny and 70 here, it’s not. Living along the coast, it’s so weird getting used to having Indian Summers, but it sure beats 108 back home right now.

It only takes a 10 minute drive in any direction to get the perfectly desired weather. In this case we went to Pebble Beach where it’s known to be foggy more than Monterey. It’s still beautiful IMO.

2014-07-05 13.28.23

Instead of trying to get Siri and Galaxy to talk to each other, we decided to do something more constructive.

Mike + Lu climbed rocks while I took it easy and snapped a bunch of pics. I’m just so happy to be able to do some of the things I love. Like walk. Smile

2014-07-05 13.22.36

2014-07-05 13.23.21

2014-07-05 13.20.27

Then we stared at the beautiful Pacific.

2014-07-05 13.37.11

And there’s no other place I’d rather be.


But let’s be real, this is really what we look like.

2014-07-05 13.35.28

What get’s you out of a funky mood?

4 things you did yesterday?

How’s the weather where you are?


Celebrating Independence Day + a few other random things

2014-07-04 07.48.07

I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day!

Backing up to Thursday, I was so excited my new Halo headband came in the mail just in time to celebrate America’s Birthday!! I headed to the pool to try it out within 20 minutes of opening it. I’m sort of a kid that way. Winking smile

2014-07-03 18.10.58

Yesterday we went to Benihana’s for lunch, walked around exploring the history of Monterey and then went to see Tammy.


Turns out Michelle had the same idea and was there too, so she sat with us.

I thought the movie was really funny, not as good as The Heat, but worth seeing if you’re up for a good laugh.

After the movie I found out my mom and aunt were involved in a car accident and were at the hospital. Thankfully they are okay, no broken bones but pretty sore. Whew.

It’s been a long week and I was feeling really exhausted so we took it easy and chilled out around the house and this party pooper was in bed around 7ish.

Oh and third opinions are like magic.

2014-07-03 13.22.13

I’ll tell you about it when I no longer feel like chucking my falsely prescribed boot at my former podiatrist.

How did you celebrate Independence Day?

Last movie you saw?


A very valuable lesson

Mike learned a very valuable lesson yesterday: don’t eat all the crippled girls ice cream.

Who am I kidding, that boy would proudly do it again.

I grabbed a spoon all happy, opened the freezer only to find out he ATE ALL THE FREAKING ICE CREAM!!!!

You see, the problem all started when it was placed in plain sight. Had the pint of deliciousness been placed out of the man scan range aka under the frozen veggies, all would have been right in the world. But noooooo.

After a mini meltdown, Lu jumped up and said don’t worry, I’ll go get you some. And just like that girlfriend saved the day.

When the boy was questioned about this horrible, horrible incident, he proudly said “yup, I ate it all”.

And I thought he loved me.

2014-07-02 18.39.25-2

What am I going to do without Lu?? I don’t even want to think about summer buttcation being over.

PS I feel sorry for you if you haven’t tried Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream. I’m not even a huge fan of ice cream but this stuff is my jam.

Recently the supa fly Courtney tagged me in a very inspiring blogger award. Go check out her blog and congratulate her on PR this weekend!


The steps for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Add the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
3. Share seven things about yourself.

1. I make the bed right before I get in it every night. This doesn’t bother me because I close the bedroom door and pretend it’s made.

2. Lu just said I should tell you that I eat chips with almost every meal. I say that statement is accurate.

3. This one isn’t really about me but it’s funny. The other day Mike announced we were going to the grocery store. The boy filled the cart with beer then preceded to complain we didn’t have any food later that afternoon. Lu + I have been giving him crap ever since.

4. 2014-07-02 13.33.52

5. We finally agreed on a taking a summer buttcation and our marriage survived. Now I’m crossing my fingers I will be able to walk by then.

6. I want 2 more Jack Russell’s. I already have names picked out for them- Crash and Boom. Mike vetoed my great idea by saying they will conspire against us.

I am willing to take that chance.

7. I really, really wish I lived by this a loooog time ago. It’s something we talk to Lu about, but at the ripe ole age of 14 it’s tough to live this. 

It’s so freeing not to feel like I have to respond to people, because really, it’s a choice.2014-01-23 19.35.26

Feel free to do this on your blog. Let me know if you do so I read it.

Tell me 7 things about yourself?

What is the one thing you wish you would have lived by when you were younger?


Pool running video: Clearly I have a lot of work to do. Bring it.

I hope you’re not getting tired of me talking about pool running because I am really LOVING it right now!

I have rock stars Janae and Kristin  to thank for the inspiration.

Janae just trained in the pool for 5 weeks of marathon training. Also check out her video of pool running here, she has MUCH better form than I do. So do as I say, not as I do. Winking smileSuper fly Kristin trained in the pool through an injury last year and I think she’s back in the pool recovering from a foot injury now. Just type in “pool running” into the search bars on their blogs for a goldmine of tips if you are interested in giving it a try.

Yesterday I asked Lu to take a clip of me pool running so I could analyze my form and really see what I’m doing. Turns out I have a lot of work to do. My IG friends pointed out I should focus on being more upright to mimic running on land as much as possible. I’ll show you the video, but please don’t laugh. Deal?

Who am I kidding, I’m laughing with you.

Analyzing my form and laughing at how horrible it is.

I took some time to slow down and look at my form while hanging onto the side of the pool. Honestly, I really have no clue what I’m doing but I am determined to nail this whole pool running thing.

Reviewing my form in slow motion

Even though I don’t have the perfect form and I am most definitely not a natural in the water, I feel great physically and mentally for getting out of my shell and trying something new.

2014-01-27 20.14.01

When I could no longer ride my road bike, the pool was my only option of catching that endorphin high, so I forced myself to give it a try.

I have never considered myself a strong swimmer, but I have always loved the water. I’m kinda of afraid of the the water at the same time though.  Confused?!?  Meeeee Toooooo……….

As in everything with me, if I overthink it, I will likely never do it. I was worried the other swimmers there would be pros, and know exactly what they are doing.  Here I am doing the doggie paddle or frog-like swim thing.  Don’t ask. Winking smile

But turns out most of the swimmers were taking it easy, focusing on their workout at their pace. And to my surprise it was a lot more relaxed environment that I had built it up in my head to by. I am so thankful I gave it a try because now I love it!

If you find yourself in the same boat, yes pun intended, don’t you dare give up.

Have you ever found yourself afraid to try something so you don’t even try it?

What are you working on fitness-wise right now?

Any other pool runners out there? What’s your best advice?

Do you have a fitness related fear?


Vlog: How to make the best of an injury

Y’all are a bunch of weirdo’s for wanting to see another vlog. Okay let’s be real, I’m the weirdo that keeps making them.

Here is my latest vlog about how I’m finding new ways, and making up games to live as normal as possible. Whatever that is.

You’ll also get a dose of sideshow Bam acting a fool. He’s the reason we can’t have nice things.

How to make the best of an injury one paw down


In case the video doesn’t show up, you may watch it here.

Not educational, but at least entertaining I hope.

Pictures of shame as promised – mopping the floor last night. A little slower than usual, but I got it done so boom!

2014-06-30 16.53.33

After playing laundry basketball, Lu puts them in the dryer and then after they are dry, she brings them to the kitchen table where I do the folding/putting away.

2014-06-27 11.40.55

When I don’t feel like wearing my beloved Mizunos (which I miss dearly right now) I wear these Barre Socks for gripping the floor while wheeling around in my rolley polley chair. So sophisticated.

2014-06-27 12.00.55

Meeting new blog/IG friends, like Katrina and her husband Mike {who was a little camera shy} is always so much fun.

Katrina and I have been following each other on IG for a long time. Turns out we have a lot in common. She’s a runner {!} her boys go to the high school I graduated from and they live close to where I grew up, so we had a lot to talk about.

2014-06-24 15.10.12-2

Mike is an entrepreneur who owns a catering business. Do not check out his account if you are hungry or vegan. Homeboy hooks it up with tri-tip, ribs, chicken and and a bunch of other stuff I don’t even want to talk about right now because this pool runner is hungry again.

_meandmomsbbq_ on Instagram

{Stolen from Me And Mom’s BBQ IG account}

Mike, I’ll be there in about 2 hours to eat all the food mmmkay.

Friends dealing with injuries or who have ever dealt with them, what are/were your saving grace?

How do you stay positive and optimistic when dealing with these punks?

Any other thoughts?


I am a product of my choices, not my circumstances – Mike Rowe

Excuse me while I got into “deep thought SCB” this morning. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the usual, where I talk about eating ice cream for dinner while watching Sponge Bob with Lu tomorrow.

Mike read The S.W.E.A.T Pledge from the Mike Rowe Works website to me a couple weeks ago. It was one of those goose bumps, powerful moments that really stuck with me.


For those of you that might not know, Mike Rowe is the star on Dirty Jobs, the voice of The Deadliest Catch and a bunch of other shows. He has created a foundation called Mike Rowe Works.

I copied it directly from his website. I believe in it so much, I don’t want any of you to miss out on reading it like the one time Mike (my husband) posted a link on my FB, and I clicked “like” without reading it-something I will never do again.


(Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo)
1. I believe that I have won the greatest lottery of all time. I am alive. I walk the Earth. I live in America. Above all things, I am grateful.
2. I believe that I am entitledto life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing more. I also understand that “happiness” and the “pursuit of happiness” are not the same thing.
3. I believe there is no such thing as a “bad job.” I believe that all jobs are opportunities, and it’s up to me to make the best of them.
4. I do not “follow my passion.” I bring it with me. I believe that any job can be done with passion and enthusiasm.
5. I deplore debt, and do all I can to avoid it. I would rather live in a tent and eat beans than borrow money to pay for a lifestyle I can’t afford.
6. I believe that my safety is my responsibility. I understand that being in “compliance” does not necessarily mean I’m out of danger.
7. I believe the best way to distinguish myself at work is to show up early, stay late, and cheerfully volunteer for every crappy task there is.
8. I believe the most annoying sounds in the world are whining and complaining. I will never make them. If I am unhappy in my work, I will either find a new job, or find a way to be happy.
9. I believe that my education is my responsibility, and absolutely critical to my success. I am resolved to learn as much as I can from whatever source is available to me. I will never stop learning, and understand that library cards are free.
10. I believe that I am a product of my choices – not my circumstances. I will never blame anyone for my shortcomings or the challenges I face. And I will never accept the credit for something I didn’t do.
11. I understand the world is not fair, and I’m OK with that. I do not resent the success of others.
12. I believe that all people are created equal. I also believe that all people make choices. Some choose to be lazy. Some choose to sleep in. I choose to work my butt off.
On my honor, I hereby affirm the above statements to be an accurate summation of my personal worldview. I promise to live by them.

SCB thoughts:

These are powerful words. There is nothing political here at all. This pledge is a promise to change my life and therefore change my world around me. It reminds me to be self reliant. It reminds me that I am responsible for my happiness. I am to blame for my success/failure.

When I fail, what kind of character will I show my family, to Lu, and the rest of the world? Will I lay down and admit defeat, or will I refuse to let those circumstances define me?

I read this all the time and think to myself, wow Mike Rowe nailed it. This is absolutely perfect.

Because I have the ability to connect anything with working out, I have been applying his life advice to help work through with my injury.

2014-06-28 13.23.30

Every day I to choose to be happy with where I’m at and finding my new, partially crippled normal. Sometimes it get’s a little rough, but then I’ll see someone in a wheel chair going to the gym or an amputee walking downtown on crutches. I’m brought back to reality and I am immediately thankful for the injury I have. Things could always be worse.

Turns out I really love the pool and my injured paw definitely does too!  I might even keep pool running when I get the okay to run and cycle again. I whole heartedly believe doing nothing would be detrimental to my recovery. 



I am convinced swimming and pool running is healing

2014-04-29 16.20.10

I try to keep paw pics {better than pecker pics, yo} minimal on here + SM but I have to show you a before the pool and after an hour of swimming/pool running. The difference is incredible! No filter or alterations on either pic.

2014-06-27 17.37.52

I feel so good in the water, pretty sure Lu get’s tired of hearing me say that 20 million times.

The inflammation and pain go away, my foot returns to looking normal, and major bonus points it lasts for the rest of the day. Well, until I take a shower since warm/hot water is still not my friend.

I think this pool thing is going to work out after all, so Lu and I signed up for a membership. We can now swim as much as we want all summer. We are overachievers and have big plans to become mermaids.

We were starvin’ Marvin after the pool so we stopped by the grocery store for burger supplies on the way home. Then I enjoyed a little wine while trying out a new pain/inflammatory cream on the paw to see if if would keep the inflammation down in the shower. This stuff is heaven in a bottle or maybe it was the wine?

2014-06-27 17.00.57

This is how I’m feeling lately.

2014-06-27 12.04.14

From the random files…

I have to share this with you because it’s freaking hilarious!  I think my web wizard, Nick figured out why some of your comments were going to spam. #idie

2014-06-25 22.32.38

Totally makes sense now that I think about it. I mean a running + life blog = we talk a lot about shoes, not hoe’s WP.

And I think my husband does this on purpose to mess with his Type A wife.

2014-06-27 17.16.46

Any Type A peeps out there?

Tell me something random.

How many miles are you running this weekend? Please run some for me!